Students & Graduate Testimonials

In order to give you a more comprehensive picture of what our TSCM specialization entails and to see and hear different views, we have asked our current students and gruaduates some questions. Do not be confused when interviewees speak of 'TDL'; the name of our Master was recently changed from Transport, Distribution and Logistics (TDL) to Transport & Supply Chain Management (TSCM). Reason is that we changed the content of the study programme; we now offer more specialized courses than before.

Note that some of the interviews were conducted on a boat during a get together of our T&SCM graduates and therefore may be noisy. Furthermore, as designated in each video, most of the interviews were conducted in Dutch.


student and graduate testimonials“Here's what made me choose TSCM: it's dynamic, tangible and down-to-earth … in the end it's about getting products from A to B and keeping both the economy and society up and running.”
Rutger Kroon
Master's graduate in TSCM, Data Quality Coordinator with JF Hillebrand Group AG





student and graduate testimonials 2“Each division has a vital role to play in a company. Where would we be without ICT and finance, for example? However, if you are not able to deliver goods or services on time, it is virtually impossible to operate or even survive in the world of business. Every company needs a firm focus on Transportation & Supply Chain Management.”
Sharina Estrada
Master's graduate in TSCM, entrepreneur and owner of TryOnline BV