R. (Roberto) Roberti

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Roberto Roberti
+31 20 59 85547
school of business & economics ( i,l&i )
Assistant Professor

Brief résumé

Roberto Roberti is Assistant Professor in Logistics at the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, VU Amsterdam.

Roberto received a Master Degree in Computer Science (2008) and a PhD in Control System Engineering and Operational Research (2012) from the University of Bologna (Italy). After completing his PhD, Roberto has served as Post-Doc research fellow in Operations Research at the University of Bologna and as Assistant Professor in Transport Optimization at the Technical University of Denmark (Denmark).

Educational activities

Since 2009, Roberto has lectured courses such as Operations Research, Combinatorial Optimization, Resource Optimization, Optimization Algorithms, Methods and Algorithms for Problem Solving, Vehicle Routing and Distribution Planning, and Optimization of Public Transport.

Research activities

Roberto’s main research focus is on exact and heuristic algorithms for solving combinatorial optimization problems arising in transportation and logistics. His research outcomes have been published in major international journals, such as Management Science, Operations Research, and Transportation Science.

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