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The KIN Center for Digital Innovation aims to bring together academia and practice by actively involving both researchers and professionals in understanding the social and long-term consequences of digital innovations in organizations.

The KIN Center is also the latest branch of the KIN Research Group. The Knowledge, Information, and Innovation (KIN) Research Group is part of the Department of Information, Logistics and Innovation (ILI) of the School of Business and Economics (SBE) at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VU). Our research focuses on the development, use, implications and business value of digital innovations. This research is conducted by a multi-disciplinary group of researchers with academic backgrounds in business administration, sociology, communication science, anthropology, philosophy, engineering, industrial design, and computer science.

Prof. Dr. M.H. Huysman

Full Professor, Head of KIN Research,
Head of Information, Logistics and
Innovation Department

Prof. Dr. Ir. J.J. Berends

Full Professor

Prof. Dr. J.F.M. Feldberg

Full Professor

Prof. Dr. B.J. van den Hooff

Full Professor

Prof. Dr. Ir. J.W.M. Gerrits

Full Professor

Prof. Dr. S. Faraj

Affiliated Professor

Prof. Dr. M. van Vliet

Affiliated Professor

F.E.J.M. Derksen MA

Senior Lecturer & Director

Dr. M. Soekijad

Associate Professor &
Director Graduate School ABRI

Dr. P.H. Tuertscher

Associate Professor

M. Agterberg
Dr. L.M. Agterberg

Research & Valorisation Manager

Dr. Ir. F. Deken

Associate Professor

Dr. E.W. Hafermalz

Assistant Professor

Dr. S.C. Friesike

Assistant Professor

Dr. R.J.A. Klein Woolthuis

Assistant Professor

Dr. M.G.A. Plomp

Assistant Professor &
Programme Manager

Dr. A.J. Porter

Associate Professor

Dr. M.H. Rezazade Mehrizi

Assistant Professor

Dr. A. Sergeeva

Assistant Professor

Dr. M. Zargar 

Assistant Professor

J. van Angeren

Assistant Professor

Dr. H. Özalp

Assistant Professor

Dr. A.C. Smit

Assistant Professor

Mark Boons
Dr. M. Boons

Assistant Professor

Drs. C. Egher

Assistant Professor

D. Passenier

Post Doc


Dr. J. Schakel

Affiliated Researcher

Dr. Ir. L. Kester

Affiliated Researcher

G.L. Sijtsma


Dr. S. Rijsdijk


W. Günther MSc

PhD Candidate

K. Borner MSc

PhD Candidate

J. Hummel MSc

PhD Candidate

D. van Kampen MSc

PhD Candidate

J. Karanovic MSc

PhD Candidate

N. Laurey MSc

PhD Candidate

J. Schlegelmilch MSc

PhD Candidate

R.A.K. Audhoe MSc

PhD Candidate

L. Waardenburg MA MSc

PhD Candidate

E. van den Broek

PhD Candidate
B. Kim

PhD Candidate

F. Goes

Management Assistant

K. Konstantinovski

Student Assistant

The KIN Fellows regularly collaborate with different researchers on a variety of topics related to digital innovation. They contribute to our knowledge & expertise and educational events.

Prof. Michael Barrett

Michael Barrett is Professor of Information Systems & Innovation Studies and Director of Research at Cambridge Judge Business School. He is also Distinguished Visiting Professor of Innovation at the Stockholm School of Economics. Michael's research interests (among others) include: service innovation; ecosystem leadership; mobile platforms services for financial inclusion and access to clean energy; digital platforms to scale up Self-Care; Fintech and the future of banking; He is also a Fellow of Hughes Hall, University of Cambridge and academic director of the Cambridge Digital Innovation.
Prof. Samer Faraj

Samer Faraj holds the Canada Research Chair in Technology, Management & Healthcare at the Desautels Faculty of Management at McGill University. He is head of the research group on Complex Collaboration and serves as director of the Faculty’s PhD program. His research focuses on complex collaboration and the emergence of new organizational forms in a variety of settings such as: trauma care, hospital care, urgent care clinics, and online communities. He is broadly interested in how emergent social technologies are transforming organizations and allowing new forms of collaboration and organizing to emerge. He is focused on how complex collaboration is sustained in settings as diverse as health care organizations, knowledge teams, and online communities His latest focus is on the transformation of health collaboration following the merger and move of separate hospitals into a new site. He has published over 100 journal articles, refereed proceedings, and book chapters in outlets such as: Management Science, Organization Science, MIS Quarterly, Information Systems Research, Journal of AIS, Journal of Applied Psychology, Business Horizon, OMICS, and Annals of Emergency Medicine. He is one of the most cited management scholars in Canada: more than 10,000 Google Scholar and over 2500 Web of Knowledge citations.
Prof. Raghu Garud

Raghu Garud is Alvin H. Clemens Professor of Management & Organization, and the Research Director of the Farrell Center for Corporate Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Pennsylvania State University. Raghu's research currently explores the emergence of novelty in general, and in particular how new ideas emerge, are valued, and become commercialized. Raghu is currently working on topics associated with Managing in the Age of Disruptions, including sustainability as a disruptive force for the operations of firms.
Prof. Ola Henfridsson

Ola is a professor of Business Technology at Miami Herbert Business School, University of Miami, USA. His research interests relate to the transformative potential of digital technology as it pervades modern business and entrepreneurship. Ola teaches digital business strategy and digital innovation at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels.
Prof. Jonny Holmström

Jonny Holmström is a professor of Informatics at Umeå University and director and co-founder of Swedish Center for Digital Innovation. He writes, consults and speaks on topics such as IT management, digital innovation, digital strategy, digital entrepreneurship, and strategies for leveraging value from digitalization.
Prof. Paul Leonardi

Paul Leonardi is the Duca Family Professor of Technology Management at the University of California, Santa Barbara. He is also the Investment Group of Santa Barbara Founding Director of the Master of Technology Management Program. Leonardi’s research focuses on how companies can design their organizational networks and implement new technologies to more effectively create and share knowledge.
Prof. Lynne Markus

M. Lynne Markus is the John W. Poduska, Sr. Professor of Information and Process Management at Bentley University and an associated researcher at MITSloan’s Center for Information Systems Research. She has published extensively in the areas of digital business and governance, enterprise systems and business processes, electronic communication and knowledge reuse, and organizational change management. Her current research interests include digital innovation in the financial and health sectors, the responsible use of data and algorithms, and the changing nature of work. Markus was named a Fellow of the Association for Information Systems in 2004 and received the AIS LEO Award for Exceptional Lifetime Achievement in Information Systems in 2008.
Prof. Brian Pentland

Brian T. Pentland is the Main Street Capital Partners Intellectual Capital Endowed Professor at Michigan State University. He is interested in visualizing and theorizing about action patterns in processual phenomena. Brian is an AIS Senior Scholar and currently serves on the editorial board of Organization Science, Information and Organization and EJIS. His publications have appeared in Academy of Management Review, Accounting, Organizations and Society, Administrative Science Quarterly, JAIS, Journal of Management Studies, Management Science, MIS Quarterly, Organization Science, Organization Studies, YouTube and elsewhere. He received his PhD in Management from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1991 and SB in Mechanical Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1981.
Prof. Robin Teigland

Robin Teigland is Professor of Business Administration with a specialization in Strategic Information Systems Management and Co-director of the Center for Strategy and Competitiveness at the Stockholm School of Economics (SSE). She is also a Member of SSE’s Board of Directors since May 2017, and she was the Program Director of SSE's PhD Program in Business Administration 2010 to 2015. Robin's lecturing and research interests reside at the intersection of strategy, technology, innovation, and entrepreneurship. In particular, she focuses on how the Internet and disruptive technologies, such as IoT, artificial intelligence, big data, robotics, 3D printing, virtual/augmented reality, blockchains, and cryptocurrencies, enable self-organizing communities to create value outside of a firm’s traditional boundaries as well as challenge long-standing institutional structures. In addition, her projects encompass topics such as FinTech and the transformation of the financial services industry, the Sharing Economy, the Future of Value Creation, and the Stockholm Unicorn Phenomenon.
Prof. Youngjin Yoo

Youngjin Yoo is the Elizabeth M. and William C. Treuhaft Professor of Entrepreneurship and professor of information systems in the Department of Design & Innovation at the Weatherhead School of Management, Case Western Reserve University. His research interests include: digital innovation and entrepreneurship, organizational genetics, societal use of technology and design.

The KIN PhD alumni all share the common experience of having pursued research with us, and we highly value their contributions. Therefore, we actively maintain our relationship.

Ir. S. Hilbolling

PHD Candidate
vonkeman_smallC.C. Vonkeman MSc

PHD Candidate
oostervinkNick Oostervink

PHD and Business Developer & Knowledge Valorisation Officer
Stella Pachidi

Dr. Stella Pachidi is a Lecturer in Information Systems at Judge Business School, University of Cambridge. Her research interests lie in the intersection of technology, work and organising. Currently, her research projects include the introduction of algorithmic technologies such as analytics and artificial intelligence in organisations; managing challenges in the workplace with digitisation; and practices of knowledge collaboration across boundaries. She holds a PhD in Business Administration from VU University Amsterdam, a MSc in Business Informatics from Utrecht University, and a MSc in Electrical and Computer Engineering from National Technical University of Athens.
Montserrat Prats Lopez

Dr. Montserrat Prats Lopez is an Assistant Professor of Information Science and Management at the Open University of the Netherlands. Her research interests are knowledge management, organizational learning, innovation and collaboration. She obtained her PhD at the VU University in 2017. Her doctoral research focused on public participation in scholarly research, also known as citizen or crowd science. She conducted a qualitative multiple-case study of projects in the field of humanities and examined how quality was ensured given the knowledge divide between citizens and scholars and the knowledge-intensive nature of the crowdsourced tasks.
Roos Erkelens

Dr. Roos Erkelens works as a Change Management Advisor at Deloitte. She held a PhD position at the faculty of Economics and Business Administration. This position gave her the opportunity to study the subject of managing complex knowledge in geographically dispersed settings. Currently, Roos is interested in the management of dispersed R&D projects, transfer of knowledge across boundaries, micro-level research to managing knowledge and innovation, and the influence of social identity in groups on knowledge sharing and creation.
Sarah van der Land

Dr. Sarah van der Land works for the NPO (Dutch public broadcasting service) as a Digital Innovation Advisor where she researches the potential of new technologies for broadcasting. The red thread in her research is always the relationship between humans and technology, as she believes human behavior is key. Currently she and her team are working on projects integrating artificial intelligence (e.g. smart speakers, image recognition) to enhance user experience.
Nima Amiryany

Nima Amiryany is a consultant at IBM Global Business Services in Amsterdam. He conducted this research while a researcher at VU University Amsterdam and a visiting research scientist at the MIT Sloan School’s Center for Information Systems Research.
Christine Moser

Dr. Christine Moser is an Assistant Professor of Organization Sciences at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. In her research, she focuses on offline and online collaboration and knowledge sharing in social networks. In addition, she is interested in how food (waste) is organized. Her research has been published among others in New Media and Society, Research in the Sociology of Organizations, and Information Systems Journal. She is a guest editor for Organization Studies and has recently co-edited a volume of Research in the Sociology of Organizations.
Julie Ferguson

Dr. Julie Ferguson is an Assistant Professor of Organization Sciences (tenured) at the VU University Amsterdam, Faculty of Social Sciences. Her main research interest is knowledge-intensive organizing for social innovation. She is particularly interested in semi-formal organizational forms. In other words, She studies how informal social networks emerge and enable bottom-up forms of collaboration and knowledge sharing, and analyzes what this means for organizational strategy.
Marc Bahlmann

Dr. Marc Bahlmann currently is employed as assistant professor (tenured) at the Management and Organization department of the School of Business and Economics (SBE). He holds a PhD-degree from the Faculty of Social Sciences (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam). During his PhD, Marc served as chair of SBE's PhD council. Besides teaching and research, Marc also coordinates the Business Administration bachelor's program.