Alumni Management Consulting

Alumni relations
The MC group has good relationships with alumni. Some of them publish with us based on their master thesis while others publish in professional journals. Alumni also stay connected to us as a mentor for our current students in the MSc program Management Consulting.

Alumni mentors

Rose Atkinson
Atkinson, Rose
My name is Rose Atkinson, Junior Consultant at Kirkman Company. My focus area is customer experience and for one of my assignments I have been working on the customer experience strategy of the largest pension fund of the Netherlands. During my studies I gained work experience at several organizations and interviewed top tier management and strategy consultants. I look forward to sharing these insights and in my role as mentor I hope to help you find the career path best suited for you.
Rosa Huiskamp
Huiskamp, Rosa
Hi Guys, my name is Rosa Huiskamp and I am currently a Consultant at IG&H. With 130 consultants, IG&H focuses exclusively on projects in three different sectors: financial services, retail and health care. Within these sector we provide our clients with strategic advice as well as implementation. The sector I work in is financial services. I am having a great time at IG&H and would like to help you find a consultancy that suits you.

Tessa Kok
Kok, Tessa
Hi everybody! My name is Tessa Kok, People & Organisation trainee at PwC. During my traineeship, I get to rotate between different HR-related teams and learn a lot about the consulting industry. Before that, I worked as an HR consultant at ManpowerGroup. With my master thesis, I focused on work-life balance in the consulting industry: a theme that appears to be quite relevant in practice as well!
As a mentor, I would like to give you an insight in the corporate world and help you with your ambitions as well. See you soon!

Alumni publishing in academic journals based on their master thesis:  
Julia Muhlhaus 
J. Mühlhaus, J. and Bouwmeester, O. (2016) The paradoxical effect of self-categorization on work stress in a high-status occupation: Insights from management consulting. Human Relations 69(9) pp. 1823–1852
Jelmer StiekemaBouwmeester, O. and Stiekema, J. (2015) The paradoxical image of consultant expertise: a rhetorical deconstruction. Management Decision 53(10) pp. 2433 – 2456
Ruben van WervenBouwmeester, O. and Van Werven, R. (2011) Consultants as legitimizers: exploring their rhetoric. Journal of Organizational Change Management 24(4) pp. 427-441
Alumni publishing in professional media based on their master thesis

David Seipl
De Man A.P. en D. Seipl. (2016) The three emerging business models in consulting. Sioo White Paper, Utrecht
Chantal Elsina KiersKiers, C. E. en Tack, P. (2016) Een vereniging is een complex bedrijf: Het populaire Business Model Canvas is heel goed bruikbaar voor een vereniging. Zet het op als een drieluik. VM 2016 (September) pp. 14-17
Reda MizabMizab, R. enTack, P. (2014) Leiderschapsstijlen in het V&D team: Handvatten voor een evaluatie van de samenwerking in het duo voorzitter en directeur. VM 2014(December) pp. 18-23
Valentin BejanBejan, V., en de Man, A.P. (2011), De achterhaalde adviseur, Management & Consulting 2011(5) pp. 15-17
Oscar HaffmansBouwmeester O. en Haffmans O. (2011) Lachen om adviseurs: Grappen over ethiek helpen bij zelfreflectie. Management & Consulting 2011(4) pp. 41-43