Staff Management Consulting

Focus Area's
Bommel, Dr. K. van
Dr. Koen van BommelCorporate sustainability, Sustainability consultants
Bouwmeester, Dr. O.
Dr. Onno Bouwmeester
(Head of the MC group)
Decision making; Rationality; Consultant Rhetoric; Rhetoric of entrepreneurs; Occupational humour
Bronsgeest, Oskar
Drs. Oskar Bronsgeest
(PhD student)
Organizational change; employee participation
Heusinkveld, Dr. H.S.
Dr. Stefan HeusinkveldManagement ideas and practices; Management gurus
Man, Prof. dr. A.P. de
Prof. Ard Pieter de ManInnovation, New business models in consulting
Melker, Gert-Jan
Dr. Gert-Jan MelkerCareer transitions; Management development; Organizational design
Mühlhaus, Julia 3
Julia Mühlhaus MSc
(PhD Student)
Work stress and identity in consulting; Coping with multiple identities; Temporary employment
Schuiling, Dr. G.J.
Dr. Gertjan SchuilingWorking through conflicts, contradictions and paradoxes during change
Sieweke, Dr. J.
Dr. Jost SiewekeErrors in organizations; Use of consulting services
Wolters, Dr. M.
Dr. Matthijs WoltersSports Consultancy