The department of Management and Organisation consists of four Research Groups:

Khapova, Prof. dr. S.N. Contact: Prof. dr. S.N. Khapova

The HRM & Organisational Behviour research programme converges on the relationships between personnel activities and internal human and social capital, with special attention to the intervening role of personal characteristics. This relation determines business vitality to a large extent. Research is organized in two core themes, learning and diversity. Research examples within these themes are personal and situational career and development factors in modern organisations, models of internal career processes. More information?

Bouwmeester, Dr. O. Contact: Onno Bouwmeester

In the area of consulting, the MC group is one of the largest academic research groups worldwide. Members of the MC group are known for their engagement in both management consulting research and practice. Many of us have worked as consultants before turning to academia, and some still do. We hold theoretical backgrounds in organisation theory, strategy, economics, business ethics, organizational behaviour, organizational development and change. More information?

Tjemkes, Dr. B.V. Contact: dr. B.V. Tjemkes

Research in the Strategic Management group is diverse but united by a common desire to understand and explain organizational phenomena in the context of global competition. Our research ethos reflects an appreciation for multiple form of inquiry and we bring together expertise in quantitative and qualitative methodologies, ranging from on-site field-work and in-depth participant observation to experimental studies in laboratory settings. We study organizations and their strategies applying a multifaceted toolkit of theories, such as contingency theory, the resource-based view, institutional theory, and identity theory. More information?