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Mirroring the Re/search activities, our Educational activities target both the internal VU Amsterdam student and teaching communities, as well as larger national and international academic and corporate communities. The focus of such activities is on both raising awareness as well as providing inspiration to educate, learn and (re)search, connected with the VU Amsterdam identity.

9 October 2017 - Servant-Leadership and Meaningful Work


We are delighted this 16th event in an annual symposium series, brings together cutting-edge thinkers and practitioners across disciplines, leveraging the global human needs to learn, serve and lead in their unique way. Or like Ricardo Semler, champion of the employee-friendly radical corporate democracy and CEO of Semco Partners argues: “Once employees feel challenged, invigorated and productive, their efforts will naturally translate into profit and growth for the organisation.” Servant-Leaders nurture organizational practices to promote such work. This symposium will include case studies, keynote presentations and a plenary debate to shed light on the gentle art of serving and leading, and how leaders can acknowledge and develop meaningfulness at work.


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8 May 2017 - Servant-Leadership and Societal Engagement


This symposium was the 15th in an annual symposium series, a meeting place for students and professionals to strengthen the link between theory and business practice. The event explored the power of societal engagement; how can leaders create an organization in service of the employees, customers and society at large?

Servant-leaders help create a corporate social responsible culture where employees perceive their work as meaningful. Societal consciousness is more and more important nowadays and is given focus not only by universities but by companies as well. Increasingly, companies plan to align with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Some major SDG steps are taken by business leaders working towards a sustainable future. Corporate engagement to humanize underserved groups will not only bring social justice in society, it will also improve the internal working climate for employees.

What can we learn from societal engaged business stories in Africa, the Middle East and beyond? How can leaders become powerful engines of organizational and societal progress?


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14 October 2016 - Servant-Leadership and Meaningful Work

25 April 2016 - Servant-Leadership and Social Capital

21 September 2015, Servant-Leadership and Meaningful Work

Programme and available presentations

4 May 2015, Servant-Leadership across Crisis Situations

Programme, photos, and available presentations

6 October 2014,Servant-Leadership across Life Paths

Programme and available presentations 

14 April 2014, Servant-Leadership across the Arts

Programme, photos and available presentations

27 September 2013, Servant-Leadership across Generations


Programme, photos and available presentations

22 April 2013, Servant-Leadership across Communities

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24 September 2012, Servant-Leadership across the Orient

Programme, photos and available presentations

26 April 2012, Servant-Leadership across Histories


Programme, photos and available presentations

3 October 2011, Servant-Leadership across Cyberspace

Programme, photos and available presentations

2 May 2011, on Servant-Leadership across Disciplines


Programme, photos and available presentations

22 November 2010,  Servant-Leadership across Higher Education


Programme, photos and available presentations

13 April 2010, Servant-Leadership across Cultures

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