Dr.ir. J.C. (Elco) van Burg

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+31 20 59 82510
school of business & economics ( management en organisatiekunde )
Associate Professor

Brief resumé

Elco van Burg is a part-time associate professor of Entrepreneurship and Organization at VU University Amsterdam. Most of the time he is living and working in a social enterprise in the rural highlands of Papua (Indonesia) as an eductional consultant for middle- and higher education (see www.lentera-vanburg.nl). He holds a PhD Eindhoven University in entrepreneurship, as well as an MSc. Degree (cum laude) in Industrial Engineering and Management Sciences from Eindhoven University of Technology and a M.A. degree (cum laude) in Theology from Utrecht University. His research focuses on the role of imagination and actions of entrepreneurs in relation to their social context. Most of the studies employ process perspectives and some of them focus on providing knowledge and tools to engage in (re)designing entrepreneurship processes. For instance, Elco is currently leading a project on examining and potentially redesigning entrepreneurship and technology transfer mechanisms in the European space sector, co-funded by the Dutch Space Agency and ESA. 

Teaching and (PhD) thesis supervision
Elco supervises currently only Master theses on entrepreneurship in the Indonesian context (preferably by Indonesian-speaking students) and is involved in the supervision of a number of PhD students (Progress Choongo, Mwansa Chabala, Amr Farouk, Daniel Sagath). He currently teaches the following courses on research methods and entrepreneurship:

  • Entrepreneurship Research Skills (Entrepreneurship Master)
  • Research Design (PhD level)


  • Nominated for the FEWEB Best Lecturer Award, 2013.
  • Distinguished Reviewer Award, Entrepreneurship Division, Academy of Management, 2012.
  • Best Paper Award Innovation Management 2009, European Business School, 2009.
  • Best Reviewer Award, Entrepreneurship Division, Academy of Management, 2009.

Recent publications

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