Dr. R.O. Mihalache

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+31 20 59 82389
school of business & economics ( management en organisatiekunde )
Associate Professor

Dr. Oli Mihalache is a tenured Associate Professor of Strategy and International Business. He obtained a bachelor's degree in Commerce and Finance from University of Toronto (2006) and MPhil and PhD in Strategic Management degrees from Erasmus University Rotterdam (2009 & 2012).

Dr. Mihalache is the coordinator of the International Management specialization of the Master in Business Administration and teaches the graduate course Advanced International Management. The course consists of six lectures (1 hour and 45 minutes each) organized around the main decisions firms need to make when expanding abroad. For each decision the course discusses state-of-the-art academic research as well as practical tools managers can employ to make these decisions.

His research focuses on trying to understand how companies can improve their innovative abilities. To this end, his research considers particularly the role of the international context and top management team processes. His research is published top academic outlets such as Decision Sciences, Journal of Management Studies, Organization Studies, Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal and Strategic Management Journal.