drs. ir. P.J. Tack

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school of business & economics ( management en organisatiekunde )

Brief resumé

Peter Tack (1947) holds a master’s degree in civil engineering and in business administration. Since 1991 he is member of the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration of VU University in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. As senior lecturer and program director of the Post-Academic Courses in Association Management, together with several partners, he conducted research and led courses and training programs for board and staff executives of a broad range of business and professional associations. He co-authored two books in this area and published a range of articles in the professional journal VM (www.vm-online.nl).

In 2006 the Post-Academic Course was transformed into the Academy for Association Management (www.avvm.nl) in which he is a guest lecturer. At that time he received the honorary membership of VerenigingsProfessionals Nederland, the Dutch society for professional association management (www.verenigingsprofessionals.nl).

Earlier in his career, Peter worked with several ministries in the Dutch government, with the Dutch Open University and as co-founding partner of a consulting firm.