Dr. Floor van den Born

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school of business & economics ( management en organisatiekunde )
Assistant professor

Brief résumé

Floor van den Born is Assistant Professor of Strategic Management at the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration of VU University Amsterdam. She specializes in team creativity and innovation in the creative industries.

Before joining the VU University Amsterdam in 2013, Floor obtained her PhD in Organizational Behavior and Management at HEC Paris. Adopting an interdisciplinary perspective, her dissertation focuses on the antecedents of team-level creativity, combining two perspectives. On the one hand, from an intergroup perspective, she analyzes teams’ external activities in terms of brokerage and membership change for generating access to and transfer of diverse knowledge embedded in the macrostructural environment of teams. On the other hand, from an intragroup perspective, Floor examines cooperation and collaboration dynamics, such as interpersonal interaction, knowledge conversion between team members, and the role of creative disruptions in improvisation. Combining the two perspectives provides an integrated theoretical framework for explaining and predicting team creativity. In her research, Floor uses both qualitative and quantitative approaches, such as semi-structured interviews, panel regression, and social network analysis. The empirical setting is the New York City jazz music industry.


  • Van den Born, F. & Peltokorpi, V. 2010. Language policies and communication in multinational companies: Alignment with strategic orientation and human resource management practices. Journal of Business Communication, 47(2): 97-118
  • Soeteman, A. & Van den Born, F. (eds.) 2007. Ethiek van empirisch sociaal-wetenschappelijk onderzoek. Amsterdam: KNAW [Ethics of empirical social-scientific research, published at the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences]

Working Papers

  • Van den Born, F. & Mehra, A. Appealing to the expert and the layman. Quantitative inquiry about the relative of leader and member networks on the success of creative teams
  • Van den Born, F. & Yong, K. Time horizon and creativity in temporary teams. Conceptual manuscript about temporality and team creativity
  • Van den Born, F. & Yong, K. Repeat collaboration and radical creativity. Multimethod investigation about the moderated effects of repeat collaboration and co-membership ties on radical creative outcomes
  • Van den Born, F. Radical improvisation through cooperation and conflict. Qualitative research project on collective improvisation in professional jazz bands
  • Yong, K. and Van den Born, F. The creative advantage of multiple identities. Experimental study about identity diversity and dyadic problem-solving

Curriculum Vitae (PDF)

CV Floor van den Born


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