VU Center for Diversity and Inclusion in Organisations

What can organisations do to ensure that all employees feel like they belong and are valued? What interventions can firms employ to address disparity, and enhance diversity and inclusion? How can organisational initiatives inspire efforts for a more inclusive society? The VU Center for Diversity and Inclusion in Organizations brings together academics, practitioners, policy makers and other stakeholders to engage in research and find solutions to complex gender and diversity challenges facing organisations. Besides taking a stand, and doing what is right, research continues to show that inclusive organisations outperform organisations in which this topic is taken for granted. The VU Center for DIO is committed to continually identifying, confronting, and addressing key challenges organisations face when trying to create a space that is inclusive for all.

The purpose of the VU Center for Diversity and Inclusion in Organisations is to advance scholarly, organisational and societal understandings of the diverse and inclusive organisations and to offer evidence-based solutions.
To achieve this purpose, the center operates at a nexus of diversity and inclusion in organisations research and practice. It does this by connecting researchers who study various facets related to the topic through organizing PhD colloquia and conferences, supporting organisational leaders in developing rigorous research to complement their inquiry-based diversity and inclusion polices implementation, and sharing scientifically grounded research insights in both academic and business arenas. With this focus, we contribute to realizing the VU’s School of Business & Economics mission to do Science with Purpose.

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Stephenson, Kathleen
Dr. Kathleen Stephenson

Programme Leader

Khapova, Prof. dr. S.N.
Prof. dr. Svetlana Khapova

Affiliated researchers

Beijer, SusanneDr. Susanne Beijer
Doci, EdinaDr. Edina Doci
Gorbatov, Sergey 2Dr. Sergey Gorbatov
Knappert, LenaDr. Lena Knappert
Lysova, EvgeniaDr. Evgenia Lysova
Oostrom, JannekeDr. Janneke Oostrom
Rott, Christina 2
Dr. Christina Rott


Research funding received to develop the VU Center for Diversity and Inclusion in Organisations
We are pleased to announce that we received research funding from a large multinational to launch the VU Center for Diversity and Inclusion in Organisations. This funding will be used to install a new PhD position on the diversity related topic.

Two 4-year PhD positions -gender parity in top leadership positions - inclusive leadership
Are you a highly motivated and talented student concerned with #diversity and #inclusion in contemporary organizations? Do you want to make a difference in how organizations confront related challenges and how researchers address them? If so, we invite you to apply for one of our two fully funded #PhD positions in the area of diversity and inclusion at the School of #Business and #Economics at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.