Research in our department covers all three subdisciplines within the field of marketing (consumer behavior, marketing strategy, and marketing modeling). The research is characterized by a strong emphasis on relevance for business and society, and is centered around social marketing (e.g., health, sustainability, public policy). These topics are investigated from different perspectives, often bridging the three sub disciplines, for instance by applying behavioral theories to strategic issues or by combining experimental data with modeling approaches. In recent years, the Department has invested highly in its research program. The focus on research has led to an increasing number of international publications in journals such as Journal of Consumer Research, Journal of Marketing, Journal of Marketing Research, International Journal of Research in Marketing, Journal of Consumer Psychology, Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, Journal of Retailing, Journal of Interactive Marketing, Journal of Product Innovation Management, Management Science, and Organizational Behavior & Human Decision Processes.

Consumer Behavior

Marketing starts with a solid understanding of consumers. How do consumers gather and process information about products and services? How do they evaluate and choose products? How and when do they share their experiences with other consumers?  Faculty members with backgrounds in psychology and marketing study these questions. Shared interests include identity-related aspects of consumer behavior, social interactions among consumers, and the cognitive and affective influences of product (packaging) design and marketing communications.

Marketing Strategy

Research in this area aims to achieve an understanding of how organizations can develop superior customer value in markets characterized by dynamic exchange relationships. Firms' long term competitive advantage is highly dependent upon their capability to successfully develop and market innovative value propositions (products and services). Innovation plays an important role in providing superior value to customers. Faculty in our Department investigate innovation from individual and company perspectives, studying adoption (and resistance) of innovations, as well as the capabilities needed to successfully develop and market innovations.

Marketing Modeling

Several faculty members engage in research aimed at developing methods that enable organizations to more effectively understand their markets in the increasingly dynamic international context and that enable these organizations to make better decisions. Within this group, two more specific areas of interest can be distinguished. The first is the construction of econometric models that help understand market drivers, and allows managers to predict market developments and understand the impact of their decisions on sales and other indicators of company performance. The second is developing and improving methods for (cross-cultural) market research by means of surveys and other instruments.  This is achieved by developing and adapting measures for international contexts, and by developing statistical tools for analyzing these data.