Research in our department focuses on Marketing Strategy. Within our Marketing Strategy Research Program, we have defined three focal interests:

  • Innovation
  • Cross-Cultural Research Methods
  • Consumer Decision Making

Please find below a selection of all publications by members of our department.

Marketing Strategy


  • Noordhoff, Corine S., Kyriakos Kyriakopoulos, Christine Moorman, Pieter Pauwels, and Benedict G. C. Dellaert (2011), “The Bright Side and Dark Side of Embedded Ties in Business-To-Business Innovation”, Journal of Marketing, 75 (5), 34-52.
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  • Debruyne, Marion, Ruud T. Frambach, and Rudy Moenaert (2010), “Using the weapons you have: The role of resources and competitor orientation as enablers and inhibitors of competitive reaction to new products”, Journal of Product Innovation Management, 27 (2), 161-178. 
  • Frambach, Ruud T., Jaideep Prabhu, and Theo M.M. Verhallen (2003), "The Influence of Business Strategy on New Product Activity: The Role of Market Orientation", International Journal of Research in Marketing, 20 (December), 377-397. 
  • Mooi, Erik A. and Mrinal Gosh, (2010), "Contract Specificity and Its Performance Implications", Journal of Marketing, 74 (March), 105-120. 

Focal interest: Innovation


  • Arts, Joep W.C., Ruud T. Frambach, and Tammo H.A. Bijmolt (2011), “Generalizations on consumer innovation adoption: A meta-analysis on the drivers of intention and behavior”, International Journal of Research in Marketing, 28 (2), 134-144. 
  • Reinders, Machiel J., Ruud T. Frambach, and Jan P.L. Schoormans (2010), "Using Product Bundling to Facilitate the Adoption Process of Radical Innovations", Journal of Product Innovation Management, 27, 1127-1140.
  • Ingenbleek, Paul T.M., Ruud T. Frambach, and Theo M.M. Verhallen (2010), "The Role of Value-Informed Pricing in Market-Oriented Product Innovation Management", Journal of Product Innovation Management, 27, 1032-1046.  
  • Antioco, Michael, and Mirella H.P. Kleijnen (2010), "Consumer adoption of technological innovations; Effects of psychological and functional barriers in a lack of content versus a presence of content situation", European Journal of Marketing, 44 (11/12), 1700-1724.
  • Kleijnen, Mirella H.P., Annouk Lievens, Ko de Ruyter, and Martin G.M. Wetzels (2009), "Knowledge Creation Through Mobile Social Networks and Its Impact on Intentions to Use Innovative Mobile Services”, Journal of Service Research, 12 (1), 15-35. 
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Focal interest: Cross-Cultural Research Methods

  • Van Rosmalen, Joost, Hester van Herk, and Patrick J.F. Groenen (2010), "Identifying Response Styles: A Latent-Class Bilinear Multinomial Logit Model", Journal of Marketing Research, 47(1), 157-172. 
  • Oppewal, Harmen, Leonard J. Paas, Geoffrey I. Crouch, and Twan Huybers (2010), “Segmenting consumers based on how they spend a tax rebate: An analysis of the Australian stimulus payment”, Journal of Economic Psychology, 31(4), 510-519. 
  • Paas,  Leonard J. (2009), “Acquisition pattern analysis for evolutionary database marketing”, The Service Industries Journal, 29(6), 805-812. 
  • Paas,  Leonard J. (2009), “Database marketing practices and opportunities in a newly emerging African market”, The Journal of Database Marketing & Customer Strategy Management, 16(2), 92-100. 
  • Nijssen, Ed J., and Hester van Herk (2009), "Conjoining International Marketing and Relationship Marketing: Exploring Consumers' Cross-Border Service Relationships", Journal of International Marketing, 17, 91-115.
  • Adiguzel, Feray, and Michel Wedel (2008), "Split Questionnaire Design for Massive Surveys", Journal of Marketing Research, XLV (October), 608-617.
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Focal interest: Consumer Decision Making

  • Millet, Kobe, Lien Lamey, and Bram Van den Bergh (2012), Avoiding negative vs. achieving positive outcomes in hard and prosperous economic times. Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, 117, 275-284. 
  • Millet, Kobe (2011), "An interactionist perspective on the relation between 2D:4D and behavior: An overview of (moderated) relationships between 2D:4D and economic decision making", Personality and Individual Differences, 51 (4), 397-401.
  • Janssens, Kim, Mario Pandelaere, Bram Van den Bergh, Kobe Millet, Inge Lens, and Keith Roe (2011), "Can buy me love. Mate attraction goals lead to perceptual readiness for status products", Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, 47, 254-258
  • Pandelaere, Mario, Kobe  Millet, and Bram Van den Bergh (2010), "Madonna or Don McLean? The effect of order of exposure on relative liking", Journal of Consumer Psychology, 20 (4), 442-451.