drs. A.A. Montolalu

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+31 20 59 83067
school of business & economics ( marketing )

Brief résumé

Anita Montolalu studied Economics at the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration of the VU University Amsterdam (specialization: marketing and human resources). Starting as a teaching assistant at the department of Accounting, she became a lecturer at the department of Marketing. Now she is also in charge of setting up career services for FEWEB students, is involved in workshops at Universitas Indonesia in Jakarta, is coordinating the Notre Dame exchange programme with the International Office and is an instructor for the Amsterdam Research Project. Next to her work at FEWEB, she is also a freelance consultant.

Educational activities

Bedrijfseconomisch Prakticum (Bachelor EC)
Business Processes (Bachelor)
Business Research Methods (Bachelor BK)
Marketing & Marketing Research (Bachelor BK)
Thema 1.6 Economie (Bachelor EC)
Bachelor Thesis Supervision 


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