Dr. M.H. Morren

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+31 20 59 82317
school of business & economics ( marketing )
Assistant Professor

Brief résumé

Meike Morren (1978) is an Assistant Professor of Marketing at VU University Amsterdam since 2012. She obtained a bachelor degree in Sociology in 2003 and finished her research master in Social Sciences in 2006, both at the University of Amsterdam. Methodologically, she mainly focused on structural equation modeling during these years. In 2011, she defended her PhD in Methods en Statistics at Tilburg University based on a mixed methods study of the quality of survey questions. Combining latent class factor analysis and cognitive interviewing, she explored how cultural minorities differ in response styles, and how this affects the comparability of survey answers. In the field of marketing, she will further explore ways to measure and correct for response styles in survey research, and improve statistical methods to market segmentation. She has published in Sociological Methodology, Methodologyand Field Methods.

Research activities

Cross cultural research
Measurement equivalence
Response styles
Latent variable modeling

Educational activities

Master Thesis Supervision (MSc in Marketing)


List of publications


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