Dr. A. Grinstein

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+31 20 59 87145
school of business & economics ( marketing )
Associate Professor

Brief résumé

Amir Grinstein is an Associate Professor of Marketing at the VU (since 2012) and Northeastern University (since 2015). He obtained a PhD in marketing from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and a post-doctorate from Harvard Business School. For more information, visit his personal page: https://sites.google.com/site/amirgrinsteinshomepage/. Click here for his TedX presentation: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YWT8FoAka3c.

Awards, honors, and grants

  • $1,200 TCR seed-money grant: “Tapping into our competitive nature: How gamification increases sustainable behavior” (with Arianne van der Wal and Femke van Horen), 2014
  • $1,000 TCR seed-money grant: “To Eat or Not to Eat? Consumption Goal Setting in Promoting Better Food Choice Under Conflicting Information” (With Liad Bareket), 2014
  • EMAC’s 2013 Susan P. Douglas award for the conference best paper on international marketing: “Local or Global Warming? Cosmopolitan Orientation and Environmental Behavior” (with Petra Riefler), 2013

Research interests

Amir's research interests are focused on two core issues: (1) the interface between marketing and society/public policy, especially various social and environmental contexts such as the enhancement of “green”, healthy or other socially-desirable behaviors and the effectiveness of demarketing; (2) marketing strategy, including the study of strategic orientations and international marketing topics.


  • Pro-social marketing
  • Demarketing
  • Sustainability
  • Healthcare
  • Public policy
  • Consumer well-being
  • International marketing


Key publications:

  • Grinstein, A., & Kronrod, A. (2015). Spare the Rod and Spoil the Child? How Praising, Scolding, and Assertiveness can Encourage Desired Behaviors. Journal of Marketing Research , forthcoming
  • Grinstein, A., & Riefler, P. (2015). Citizens of the (Green) World? Cosmopolitan Orientation and Sustainability. Journal of International Business Studies , 46(6), 694-714
  • Kronrod, A., Grinstein, A., & Wathieu, L. (2012). Go Green! Should Environmental Messages be so Assertive? Journal of Marketing , 76(1), 95-102
  • Kronrod, A., Grinstein, A., & Wathieu, L. (2012). Enjoy! Assertive Messages and Consumer Compliance in (Non)Hedonic Contexts. Journal of Consumer Research , 39(1), 51-61
  • Grinstein, A., & Nisan, U. (2009). Demarketing, Minority Groups, and National Attachment. Journal of Marketing , 73(2), 105-122

Full list of publications

Educational activities

Amir has experience in teaching International Marketing, Marketing Strategy, and Introduction to Marketing at both the undergraduate and the graduate level.

External activities

  • Journal of Marketing, Editorial Review Board