Prof. dr. H. van Herk

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school of business & economics ( marketing )
Full Professor

Brief résumé

Hester van Herk is professor of Cross-Cultural Marketing Research at VU and Adjunct Senior Research Fellow at the University of Western Australia in Perth. Hester holds a PhD (2000) in marketing and cross-cultural psychology from Tilburg University. She studied psychology at Leiden University with a major in research methodology and minors in social and organizational psychology and in mathematics. After obtaining her MSc, she worked as a scientific researcher at Statistics Netherlands, Solvay Duphar, ABN Amro, and MarketResponse. At Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam she was Program Director of the Bachelor of Business Administration (2010-2013) and Acting Department Chair at the Marketing department (2013-2015).

Her main research interests are in the antecedents and consequences of human values on consumer behavior in developed and emerging markets and in research methodology providing insight into differences and similarities between survey responses from consumers in different nations and cultural groups. About these subjects she has published in journals such as Journal of Marketing Research, Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology, Journal of International Marketing, European Journal of Marketing and Multivariate Behavioral Research.

Awards, honors, and grants

  • Australian Research Council (ARC) linkage grant, 2015-2018 (AU$510,247/€323,000), for the the project: "Dynamic relations between values and consumer behaviour: age and life-stage", in cooperation with Julie Lee (University of Western Australia, Perth), Anat Bardi (Royal Holloway, University of London, London), Leonard Coote (Queensland University of Technology, St Lucia), Geoffrey Soutar (University of Western Australia, Perth) and the research company PureProfile Pty Ltd (Sydney)

Research interests

  • Cross-cultural comparative research
  • Response styles
  • International segmentation
  • Human values
  • Pro-social behavior


Key publications:

  • Van Herk, H. & Poortinga, Y.H. (2012). Current and historical antecedents of individual value differences across 195 regions in Europe. Journal of Cross-cultural Psychology , 43(8), 1229-1248
  • Van Rosmalen, J., van Herk, H. & Groenen, P.J.F. (2010). Identifying response styles: A latent-class bilinear multinomial logit model. Journal of Marketing Research , 47(1), 157-172
  • Nijssen, E.J. & van Herk, H. (2009). Conjoining international marketing and relationship marketing: Exploring consumers' cross-border service relationships. Journal of International Marketing , 17(1), 91-115.

Full list of publications

Working papers

  • van Dijk, M., Prins, R. & van Herk, H. Sustainable consumption in marketing literature: A synthesis of conceptualization choices
  • Van Herk, H., Schoonees, P.C., Groenen, P.J.F. & van Rosmalen, J. Competing for the same value segments: Explaining the volatile Dutch political landscape. ERIM Report Series Reference No. ERS-2015-012-MKT. Available at SSRN:

Educational activities

  • Business Research Methods II (BSc Bedrijfskunde)
  • Cross-Cultural Consumer Research (MSc Marketing)
  • Marketing Seminar (Research Master Business in Society)
  • Cross-Cultural Research Methods (PhD)

External activities

  • Board member, MOA, Center for Information Based Decision Making & Marketing Research, Amsterdam


Stichting KCC - Auditor Amsterdam, 01 juni 2012
MOA - Board member Amsterdam, 01 november 2013
Laatste wijzigingen Nevenwerkzaamheden: Amsterdam 06 februari 2017