dr. M.H.P. Kleijnen

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+31 20 59 89861
school of business & economics ( marketing )
Associate Professor

Brief résumé

Mirella Kleijnen obtained her PhD from the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, Maastricht University, the Netherlands. Her PhD thesis focused on consumer evaluations of mobile service innovations. Her current research interests include adoption versus resistance toward innovation, interactive media, consumer-to-consumer versus consumer-to-company interactions, and services marketing. Her work has been published in several academic journals, among which Journal of Retailing, Journal of Services Research, Journal of Interactive Marketing, and Journal of Economic Psychology. From an education perspective, she’s strongly embedded within different teaching programs, ranging from basic marketing courses for first year bachelor students to specialized (research-related) topical courses for the master level. She is also actively involved in several part-time programs for professionals, which, next to the parttime MSc in Marketing, also include the Postgraduate Study for Controllers in the Public and Non-profit Sector and the Master of Compliance and Integrity Management. Finally, as a member of the Alumni Committee of the MSc in Marketing, she is actively engaged in managing student-alumni-company interactions.


MSI “Ideas Challenge” Grant
$ 10,000 seeding grant for the project: “The Customer Innovation Journey: Incorporating Customers Effectively in the Innovation Process via Social Media”, together with Corine Noordhoff (VU University Amsterdam), Koen Pauwels (Ozyegin University, Istanbul) and Rosanna Garcia (Northeastern University, Boston)


FEWEB Best Lecturer Award 2011 
Award granted by the Student Counsil of the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration

EJM Highly Commended Reviewer Award 2010 
Award granted by the European Journal of Marketing for outstanding review activities for the journal. 

JR Best Paper Award
Best paper award for the article “An Assessment of Value Creation in Mobile Service Delivery and the Moderating Role of Time Consciousness” in the Special Issue on “Competing through Service Excellence” in the Journal of Retailing (2007), sponsored by the Center for Services Leadership, W. P. Carey School of Business, Arizona State University.  

Research activities

Adoption versus Resistance of (Service) Innovations
Interactive Media (mobile services in particular)
Consumer Involvement in Development of (Service) Innovations
Consumer-to-Consumer versus Consumer-to-Company Interactions

Educational activities

Marketing & Marketing Research (Bachelor BK/IBA)
Business Research Methods (Bachelor BK/IBA)
Academic Seminar – Special Topic: Innovation from a Consumer Perspective (MSc in Marketing)
PhD Mentoring Lunches (ABRI, PhD Curriculum)
Research Methods Seminars (Parttime Master of Compliance and Integrity Management; AUDIT IT) 

Member of the Alumni Committee of the MSc in Marketing (see also Alumni Society
Member of the Education Committee MSc in Marketing


List of publications


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