Prof. dr. P.W.J. Verlegh

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school of business & economics ( marketing )
Full professor

Brief résumé

Peeter holds a PhD (2001) in Marketing from Wageningen University, and an MSc in Food Science from the same university. Before coming to VU University in 2014, he was on the faculty at RSM Erasmus University, and University of Amsterdam, where he was the director of SWOCC, a foundation that bridges science and practice in branding and (marketing) communication.Peeter was a visiting scholar in the marketing group at University of Colorado-Boulder, and guest-lectured at ESADE, Prague School of Economics, and SKOLKOVO Moscow School of Management.

Peeter studies how consumers are influenced by marketers, but also by each other, via word of mouth or interactions in social media. His work has been published among others in Journal of Consumer Research, International Journal of Research in Marketing, Journal of Consumer Psychology, Journal of International Business Studies, Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, and Journal of Behavioral Decision Making.

Peeter serves on the editorial boards of Journal of Advertising, International Journal of Advertising, and International Marketing Review.

Research interests

Peeter studies social and cultural influences on consumers and their responses to marketing communications, with a focus on the interactions among consumers (i.e., word of mouth and social media), and an emphasis on findings that can be translated to practical implications for business and society. He studies these phenomena from a psychological perspective, and mostly relies on experimental research and (occasionally) survey data.


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Full list of publications

Working papers

  • Consumer online brand endorsement (with Stefan Bernritter and Edith Smit)
  • The effect of self-relevance and self-construal on product harm information sharing (with Ezgi Akpinar and Ale Smidts)
  • The differential effects of peer and expert ratings on choice (with Anne Kranzbühler, Mirella Kleijnen, and Marije Teerling). Published as MSI Report No. 15-117
  • Identity relevance and the licensing effect (with Marijn Meijers, Marret Noordewier and Edith Smit)
  • The informational value of dissimilarity (with Mirjam Tuk, Ale Smidts and Daniel Wigboldus)
  • Information disclosure in advergames: the roles of privacy concerns and brand reputation (with Verena Wottrich and Edith Smit)
  • Promoting eWOM on social network sites (with Manuela Lopez & Maria Sicilia)
  • Brand loyalty as a driver of online and offline consumer engagement (with Jiska Eelen and Peren Ozturan)
  • Negation bias in word of mouth (with Christian Burgers & Camiel Beukeboom)
  • The power of “new” (with Jiska Eelen & Bram van den Bergh)
  • Symbolic cues in product packaging (with Iris van Ooijen, Marieke Fransen & Edith Smit)

Educational activities

  • Branding & Advertising (MSc Marketing)
  • Marketing Communication (BSc Business Administration)
  • Consumer Marketing (Part-time MSc Marketing)
  • Master Thesis Supervision (MSc Marketing)

External activities

  • Advisory Board member, Tijdschrift voor Marketing (2014-present)
  • Jury Member, Effie Awards (2013-present)
  • Jury Member/Chair, MOA Science Award (2012-2015)


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