Drs. A.J. van der Wal

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PhD Student

Brief résumé

Arianne van der Wal is since 2013 a PhD candidate at the Center for Marketing Leadership, a joint initiative of VODW ( www.vodw.com ) and VU University Amsterdam, Department of Marketing. After her successful graduation (Cum Laude) from the Research Master Social Psychology at the VU University in 2012, she has been involved in several research projects, including the "Green schoolyards" project of the VU University and the "wij2030" project of VUconnected and newspaper Trouw, and spoke on international conferences such as EMAC, La Londe, EASP, and TIBER. Her research interests mainly focus on consumers’ sustainable behavior and how to make marketing strategies that promote sustainable behavior more effective. Her work has been published in Proceedings of the Royal Society, Gedrag & Organisatie (Behavior & Organization) and several trade journals. For more information, visit her LinkedIn profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ariannevanderwal .

Awards, honors, and grants

  • Transformative Consumer Research (1200 Euro), 2014
  • Amsterdam Global Change Institute (5000 Euro), 2013
  • Student Talent Award (1000 Euro), 2003

Research interests

  • Sustainable marketing
  • Sustainable consumer behavior
  • Environmental psychology (effects of nature on humans' behavior)
  • Evolutionary psychology


  • Van der Wal, A. J., Van Horen, F., & Grinstein, A. (in press). The paradox of ‘green to be seen’: Green high-status shoppers excessively use (branded) shopping bags. International Journal of Research in Marketing
  • Van der Wal, A. J., Schade, H. M., Krabbendam, L. & Vugt, M. van (2013). Do Natural Landscapes Reduce Future Discounting in Humans? Proceedings of the Royal Society of London. Series B, Biological Sciences , 280(1773)
  • Engelhard, N. P., Van der Wal, A. J., & Van Vugt, M. (2013). Competitief altruïsme op de werkvloer: Een evolutionair psychologische benadering. Gedrag en Organisatie , 26, 292-309

List of publications

Working papers

  • Competition Makes Even ‘Egoists’ Green (with Femke van Horen and Amir Grinstein)
  • Temporal Myopia in Sustainable Behavior When Facing Uncertainty (with Femke van Horen and Amir Grinstein)
  • Threat and Purity (with Kobe Millet, Spike Lee, and Amir Grinstein)

Educational activities

  • Quantitative Business Research Methods (BSc Bedrijfskunde)
  • Master Thesis Supervision (MSc Marketing)
  • Research Seminar (MSc Human Resource Management)
  • Advanced Business Research Methods (BSc Bedrijfskunde/BSc International Business Administration)
  • Bachelor Thesis Supervision (BSc Bedrijfskunde/BSc International Business Administration)

External activities

  • VODW: translating scientific findings into business propositions and other managerial implications