Thesis, internship and vacancies

The Department of Spatial Economics offers many possibilities for writing a thesis or doing an internship. Often it is also possible to combine the two.

An extensive list of interesting and challenging topics is readily available from the thesis coordinators, see below. Many of the available topics elaborate on themes that were addressed in the courses Environmental Economics and Management, Network- and Information Economics, Regional Economics, Transport Economics, Airline Business, Transport Economics and Management and Transport, Distribution and Logistics.

Although an internship is not required, it is an excellent way to gain working experience and to make people outside the university aware of your research. For more information on internships, please contact Dr. Eric Pels
Past Internship Vacancies     

For questions, please contact Henri de Groot of Erik Verhoef (Bachelor Economie), Mark Lijesen (STREEM), Thomas de Graaff (TSCM), Peter Mulder (A&E) and Eric Pels (bachelor BWS, internship)