Four interlinked research projects

Project 1: Implementation of transport pricing: an economic perspective

Prof. dr. E.T. Verhoef, VU

Multi-disciplinary research endeavors:
• Development of and analyses with conceptual network models, focusing on secondbest pricing issues in uni- and multimodal settings;
• Development of and analyses with conceptual models with strategic interactions between multiple (private and public) road operators;
• Development of and analyses with conceptual models with interactions between transport and (urban) spatial development;
• Analyses of stated and revealed preference data from road pricing trials; preferably those that are acquired during new experiments, but otherwise using the already available data from the SpitsMijden and Verzekeren-per-Kilometer projects.
Furthermore, monodisciplinary work will be carried out. This involves, in the first place, the modeling of pricing and investment decisions in multi-modal networks with multiple operators. These are models that will serve as an input into multidisciplinary sub-studies.

Project 2: Transport pricing: a multi-modal dynamic network perspective

Dr. M.C.J. Bliemer, TUD

This project is involved in some of the multidisciplinary sub-studies as mentioned above (VU-project). This monodisciplinary study focuses on modelling the network effects of road pricing. Several models have been proposed and applied in practice, but they typically make some unrealistic assumptions and ignore some important behavioural responses. Furthermore, they have focused on typically road infrastructure only and a single stakeholder. In this study we aim to overcome such problems and relaxed these assumptions.
The research consists of different parts:
1. modelling travel behaviour in response to pricing measures
2. modelling traffic flows on networks, including spillback effects
3. computing impacts for travellers, road managers, the environment, etc.
4. an optimization procedure for determining optimal road pricing strategies for multiple stakeholders.

Project 3: Acceptability of transport pricing: a psychological perspective

Dr. L. Steg, RUG

The involvement of the RuG in the multidisciplinary sub-studies involves
• acceptability of road pricing operated by multiple governments and of having private operators
• the effects of external factors (including information, norms) on the opinions on road pricing of various stakeholders
• the influence of individual factors and non-road pricing policies on the behavioural effects of road pricing
The monodisicplinary research will focus on the dynamics in acceptability of pricing and factors influencing it.

Project 4: Implementation of road pricing:vehicle technology, governance, and institutional transition

Prof. dr. B. van Wee, TUD

This project is involved in some of the multidisciplinary sub-studies of the programme. The monodisciplinary research focuses on the stakeholders as mentioned under the multi-disciplinary research „institutional acceptability and transitions, in particular their opinions and goals with respect to road pricing. In addition the vehicle technology issues as mentioned in that multi-disciplinary study are included. The research questions the monodisciplinary study aims to answer are:
1. Which are the opinions of important stakeholders with respect to policy options for pricing?
2. Which goals / output indicators are important for these stakeholders?
3. In which ways does vehicle technology influence opinions and stakeholders with respect to policy options for pricing?
4. What can be the impact of the uncertainties with respect to opinions and acts of non-policy stakeholders as studied in the multi-disciplinary study ‘institutional acceptability and transitions’ on policy makers?