Research Projects

The Department of Spatial Economics is involved in a number of externally funded research projects. This page provides information on the larger ones:    

Projects funded by the European Union: 

  • HERILAND - Cultural Heritage and the Planning of European Landscapes [EU-Horizon 2020]
  • SIMETRI  - Sustainable Mobility and Equality in mega-ciTy Regions [EU-JPI Urban Europe]
  • U-PASS - Urban Public Administration and ServiceS innovation for Innovative Urban Mobility Management and Policy [EU-JPI Urban Europe]

Projects funded by NWO (the Dutch Research Council): 

Project funded by ZonMw (the Netherlands Organisation for Health Research and Development)

  • MOCOLODO - MObility during and after COrona LOckDOwn


Closed projects: 

  • Aspasia [NWO] - Grant to stimulate female scientists 
  • BREATHE [EU-JPI Urban Europe] - Building Resilient Economic Agglomerations addressing Transportation and Health Effects: Urban form, location choice and transport solutions for high air quality and low-carbon cities
  • Economische Waardering van Cultureel Erfgoed / The valuation of cultural heritage (NICIS, Nieuwland, CLUE)    
  • GIS-related research projects   
  • GP [ERC] - Combating Climate Change: Political economy of Green Paradox 
  • International Growth Center - Roads to Trade: The The Welfare effects of Connecting Mines versus Cities 
  • I-C-EU [EU] - Impact of Transport Infrastructure on International Competitiveness of Europe  
  • I-PriSM [NWO-DBR] - Innovative Pricing for Sustainable Mobility 
  • IP-SUNTAN [EU-JPI Urban Europe] - Innovative Policies for Sustainable UrbaN TrANsportation  
  • MIDI-REDIE - Migrant Diversity and Regional Disparity in Europe 
  • OPTION [ERC] - Optimizing Policies for Transport: accounting for Industrial Organization in Network markets  
  • SPARD [EU] – Spatial Analysis of Rural Development Measures 
  • VENI Grant [NWO] - Planning, Places, Prices and Politics: The Welfare Economics of Urban Planning (Hans Koster)