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school of business & economics ( ruimtelijke economie )

Brief résumé

Carl Koopmans is Professor of Policy Evaluation at VU University Amsterdam. He is also Research Director at SEO Economic Research in Amsterdam. He specialises in social cost-benefit analyses (SCBA) and is one of the Netherlands' leading experts in this field. He is co-author of the Netherlands SCBA guidelines for new infrastructure. Carl also makes use of SCBA in other policy areas: for example, he carried out research into the costs of power failures and the benefits of environmental policy, and analysed road pricing and the housing market.

Koopmans was Director of the Netherlands Institute for Transport Policy Analysis (KiM) from 2006 to 2009. He was previously the head of the Transport and Energy departments at CPB Netherlands Bureau for Economic Policy Analysis. Before that, he was project coordinator for the Scientific Council for Government Policy, where he carried out research into energy, environment and decision-making in large infrastructure projects. Carl previously worked for the Ministry of Housing, Spatial Planning & the Environment and for SEO Economic Research, where he was awarded his PhD for a thesis on informal labour in 1989. He studied econometrics at Erasmus University in Rotterdam.

Research activities

Policy evaluation, Cost-benefit analysis, Transport economics, Energy economics

Educational activities

Public sector economics, applied spatial economics, cost-benefit analysis

Selected publications

Clark, J., Koopmans, C., Hof, B., Knee, P., Lieshout, R., Simmonds, P., & Wokke, F. (2014). Assessing the full effects of public investment in space, Space Policy.

Koopmans, C., Groot, W., Warffemius, P., Annema, J. A., & Hoogendoorn-Lanser, S. (2013). Measuring generalised transport costs as an indicator of accessibility changes over time, Transport Policy29, 154-159.

Koopmans, C., & Rietveld, P. (2013).  14. Long-term impacts of mega-projects: the discount rate. in: International Handbook on Mega-Projects, 313.

Nooij, M. D., Berg, M., & Koopmans, C. (2013). Bread or games?: a social cost-benefit analysis of the World Cup bid of the Netherlands and the winning Russian bid. Journal of Sports Economics14, 521-545.

Koopmans, C., Rietveld, P. & Huijg, A. (2012). An Accessibility Approach to Railways and Municipal Population Growth, 1840-1930, Journal of Transport Geography 25, 98-104.

Peer, S., Koopmans, C. & Verhoef, E.T. (2012). Predicting Travel Time Variability for Cost-Benefit Analysis, Transportation Research Part A: Policy and Practice 46, 79-90.

Koopmans, C. & Oosterhaven, J. (2011). SCGE modelling in cost-benefit analysis: The Dutch experience, Research in Transportation Economics 31, 29-36.

Koopmans, C.C. & Bijvoet, C.C. (2011). The Effectiveness of Regional Policy: A Literature Study, in: W. Manshanden & W. Jonkhoff (eds.), Infrastructure Productivity Evaluation, New York: Springer.

Bakker, P., Koopmans, C. & Nijkamp, P. (2010). Appraisal of Integrated Transport Policies, in: Givoni, M. & Banister, D. (eds.), Integrated Transport. From Policy to Practice, Oxford (UK): Routledge.

Nooij, M. de, R. Lieshout & C. Koopmans (2009). Optimal blackouts: Empirical results on reducing the social cost of electricity outages through efficient regional rationing, Energy Economics 31, 342-347.

Annema, J.A., Koopmans, C.C. & Wee, G.P. van (2007). Evaluating transport infrastructure investments: the Dutch experience with a standardised approach. Transport Reviews 27, 125–150.

Nooij, M. de, Koopmans, C.C. & Bijvoet, C. (2007). The Value Of Supply Security: The Costs of Power Interruptions: Economic Input for Damage Reduction and Investment in Networks. Energy Economics 29, 277–295.

Koopmans, C.C., & Velde, D.W. te (2001). Bridging the energy efficiency gap: using bottom-up information in a top-down energy demand model. Energy Economics 23, 57-75.

Koopmans, C.C. (1998). Effects of national, OECD and world-wide energy taxes on the environment and on competitiveness. In T. Barker & J. Köhler (Eds.) International Competitiveness and Environmental Policies (pp. 171-181), Cheltenham (UK): Edward Elgar.

Beek, K.W.H. van, Koopmans, C.C., & Praag, B.M.S. van (1997). Shopping at the Labour Market: A Real Tale of Fiction. European Economic Review 41, 295-317.

Wolfson, D.J., & Koopmans, C.C. (1996). Regulatory Taxation of Energy: Theory and Policy. Ecological Economics, 19, 55-65.

Koopmans, C.C. (1994). Direct Measurement of Hidden Labour. Applied Economics 26, 575-581.

Koopmans, C.C., Opstal, R. van, & Theeuwes, J.J.M. (1989). Human Capital and Job Levels: Explaining the Age-Income Funnel. European Economic Review, 33, 1839-1849.

Theeuwes, J., Koopmans, C.C., Opstal, R. van, & Reijn, H. van (1985). Estimation of Optimal Human Capital Accumulation Parameters for the Netherlands. European Economic Review 29, 233-257.

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