dr. ir. E.S. van Leeuwen

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Associate Professor

Brief résumé

Eveline van Leeuwen (1978) graduated in Land Use Planning (MSc) at the Wageningen University in 2002 and obtained a PhD in Economics at VU Amsterdam on the thesis entitled "Towns today : Contemporary Functions of Small and Medium-sized Towns in the Rural Economy" in 2008. She is now affiliated to the VU as an associate professor in Spatial Economics.

During the last five years, Eveline spent her time on EU-research projects, personal research and teaching.

In her research, Eveline focussed on the integration of micro- and macro approaches in the field of regional science. Linking agent-based modelling and microsimulation, with macro models is an important common thread. This novel approach was rewarded with two best paper awards and resulted in several invited presentations. In addition, she developed an approach to use GIS tools to enrich spatial microsimulation and, she translated a traditional economic model into and agent-based equivalent.

Currently, Eveline and her team are working on a qualitative assessment of participation choices in the Netherlands. Facilitated by her NWO-Aspasia grant they focus on which personal, community and social network characteristics influence the choice to become active or not.

Her ambition is to develop interdisciplinary theories and modelling approaches to augment a holistic view on local communities and to reveal the impact of economic and social networks on the vitality of towns, both in the Netherlands and in the rest of Europe. 



Educational Activities

Eveline van Leeuwen teaches courses in Research Methods and Academic Skills (BA and MSc), Introduction to Micro-Economics (BA), Sustainable Cities (BA) and supervised fieldworks of Earth and Economic Students.

Grants, prizes and awards

2016    NWO-Aspasia Grant

2011    The Moss Madden Memorial Medal awarded by the British and Irish Section of the Regional Science for the best paper in regional science.

2010    Early career award at the he British and Irish Section of the Regional Science Association International conference

2008    Best paper award for young scientists at the European Regional Science conference (EPAINOS prize)

2002    MSc thesis award from the Dutch Association of Urban Planners