Dr. H.R.A. Koster

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school of business & economics ( ruimtelijke economie )
Assistant Professor


Hans Koster (1987) is an assistant professor at the Department of Spatial Economics. Hans obtained his bachelor’s degree in Economics at the Erasmus University Rotterdam and his master’s degree (cum laude) in Spatial Economics at the VU University Amsterdam. He defended his PhD. Thesis in March 2013. Hans is also affiliated as Research Fellow with the Tinbergen Institute and as Research Associate with the Spatial Economics Research Centre at the London School of Economics.

Hans’s research concerns the economic analysis of cities, regions and the environment. He is interested in questions as why people locate to cities, how people and firms choose their location and how we can explain the current crisis in the housing market. His research is mainly empirical, so relies on large datasets containing house prices, employment registers and productivity information. He aims to analyse the above stated phenomena using state-of-the-art (non-parametric) econometric techniques.

See for more information his website: www.urbaneconomics.nl

A selection of publications:
Koster, H.R.A., Van Ommeren, J.N., Rietveld, P. (2014). Is the Sky the Limit? High-Rise Buildings and Office Rents. Journal of Economic Geography 14(1): 125-153.

Koster, H.R.A., Van Ommeren, J.N., Rietveld, P. (2014). Agglomeration Economies and Productivity: a Structural Estimation Approach Using Commercial Rents. Economica 81(321): 63-85.
Jacobs, W., Koster, H.R.A., Van Oort, F.G. (2014). Co-agglomeration of Knowledge Intensive Business Services and Multinational Enterprises. Journal of Economic Geography 14(2): 443-475.

Koster, H.R.A, Van Ommeren, J.N., Rietveld, P. (2014). Estimating Semiparametric Sorting Models: Explaining Geographical Concentration of Business Services. Regional Science and Urban Economics 44: 14-28.
Koster, H.R.A, Rouwendal, J. (2013). Agglomeration, Commuting and the Internal Structure of Cities. Regional Science and Urban Economics 43(2): 352-366.

A selection of professional publications:
Koster, H.R.A., Van Ommeren, J.N. (2013). Economische effecten van het Krachtwijkenbeleid. In: Bakens, J., De Groot, H.L.F., Mulder, P. (eds.). Soort zoekt Soort: Clustering en Sociaal-Economische Scheidslijnen in Nederland.‘s-Gravenhage:Platform 31.
Tan, W., Koster, H.R.A, Van Hoogerbrugge, M. (eds.) (2013). Knooppuntontwikkeling in Nederland. (Hoe) moeten we TOD implementeren? ‘s-Gravenhage: Platform 31, uitgegeven op 14-september-2013.

Geurs, K., Koster, H.R.A., De Visser, G. (2013). Kantorenleegstand en OV-knooppuntontwikkeling in de Zuidelijke Randstad. VerDus Beleidsnotitie.


A selection of grants, prizes and awards:

2014 – VENI grant for project “Places, planning, prices and politics: The Welfare Economics of Urban Planning”.
2014 – August Lösch Prize for dissertation “The Internal Structure of Cities: The Economics of Agglomeration, Amenities and Accessibility”.
2014 – Data-without-boundaries grant (EU funded) for project “Land Use Planning, Agglomeration Economies And The Office Market: Evidence From Blitz Bombings” – with Gerard Dericks (Oxford University)
2013 – Finalist (1/3) for Junior Societal Impact Award at VU University Amsterdam
2012 – LSE STICERD grant for project “The Determinants of Residential Vacancy Rates” – with Paul Cheshire (LSE) and Christian Hilber (LSE)


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