Dr. J.J. de Vries

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Brief resumé

Jaap de Vries (1964) has always been interested in trains, spatial planning, and numbers. He studied econometrics at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, and wrote his PhD-thesis at the Department of Spatial Economics. He worked as a researcher at the Netherlands Institute for Spatial Research (RPB), and as a project manager research for the passenger association ROVER. In addition, he was a member of the Amsterdam Council for the City Development (ARS). In recent years he has worked as a consultant in the railway sector.

Research activities

  • Systemic Spatial Interaction Models (Alonso’s Theory of Movements)
  • Interaction of commuting and location of residence and job


Jacob J. de Vries (2015), Estimation of Alonso's Theory of Movements for Commuting, PhD-thesis Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Tinbergen Institute Research Series, nr. 625.

De Vries J J, Nijkamp P, Rietveld P, 2009, "Exponential or power distance-decay for commuting? An alternative specification", Environment and Planning A 41(2) 461 – 480.

Ed Dammers, Willemieke Hornis & Jaap de Vries (red., 2005). "Schoonheid is geld! Naar een volwaardige rol van belevingswaarden in maatschappelijke kosten-batenanalyses", Ruimtelijk Planbureau / NAi Uitgevers.

Jacob J. de Vries, Peter Nijkamp, Piet Rietveld (2002): "Estimation of Alonso's Theory of Movements by Means of Instrumental Variables", Networks and Spatial Economics 2 (2) pp 107-126.

Jacob J. de Vries, Peter Nijkamp, Piet Rietveld (2001): Alonso's Theory of Movements: Developments in Spatial Interaction Modeling, Journal of Geographical Systems 3 (3) pp 233-256.

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