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Assistant Professor

Brief résumé

Dr. Jasper Dekkers is assistant professor at the Department of Spatial Economics of VU University Amsterdam in the Netherlands. His research interests include GIS and spatial economics, more specifically land and real estate prices and valuation of externalities and amenities.

Jasper has co-authored numerous papers in scientific and applied journals and books. He teaches courses on 'Geographical Information Systems', 'Geomarketing' and 'Geologistics' in various Master programmes at the Faculty of Economics. He further supervises field work for the Bachelor programme Earth & Economics and is tutor in the UNIGIS MSc programme. He, furthermore, supervises BSc and MSc theses.

Jasper graduated in Business Economics and Spatial Economics in 2001 with a thesis on location-based services and the mobile market, which was awarded by the Geospatial Information & Technology Association (GITA) Netherlands. He then completed a postgraduate course in Geographical Information Science in 2004. His PhD dissertation, completed in 2010, focused on the explanation and modelling of land and house prices, in particular at the urban fringe, and on the use of these explanatory models for future land-use modelling. From 2008 until 2013 he was coordinator of the Master of Science programme in Geographical Information Sciences (UNIGIS) at the SPINlab.

Research activities

Land prices, land use modelling, geographical information systems, regional economics, geomarketing

Educational activities

  • Lecturer UNIGIS MSc in Geographical Information Science
  • 'Geographical Information Systems' (Master Spatial Economics)
  • 'Geomarketing' (Master of Marketing)
  • 'Geologistics' (Master of Transport & Supply Chain Management)
  • Field work in Salzburg (Bachelor Earth & Economics)
  • Supervisor of BSc and MSc theses (overview of theses supervised by SPINlab staff).


Determinants of off-farm income and its local patterns, Journal of Rural Studies, 31 (July), pp.55-66, 2013 (with E.S. van Leeuwen).

The monetary value of open space in urban areas: evidence from a Dutch house price analysis. Chapter 13, in: van der Heide, M., Heijman, W. (eds.), The Economic Value of Landscapes, Routledge, 2012 (with E. Koomen).

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Externalities, Land Use Planning and Urban Expansion, PhD. Thesis, Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, VU University Amsterdam, 2010.

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Choice of Frequency and Vehicle Size in Rail Transport: Implications for Marginal External Costs, European Journal of Transport and Infrastructure Research, 2 (2), pp. 95- 111, 2002 (with P. Rietveld and S. van Woudenberg).

Full list of publications


  • Knowledge for Climate - Theme 8: Tools for Adaptation Strategies
  • NWO-VERDUS - Urban Regions in the Delta: Implications of location preferences of highly educated workers for spatial development of metropolitan areas
  • Geomarketing Knowledge Center

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