Dr. P.R. Koster

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+31 20 59 82369
school of business & economics ( ruimtelijke economie )

Brief Resumé

Paul Koster (1983) works as an assistant professor at the Department of Spatial Economics, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. He graduated at this department in Economics in 2007 and obtained his PhD in 2012 on a thesis entitled “The cost of travel time variability for air and car travellers”. He is also affiliated as a research fellow at the Tinbergen Institute. 

His research focuses on the valuation of non-market goods such as travel time and travel time variability and the regulation of externalities resulting from transportation. He works on explaining and understanding individual choice behavior using advanced discrete choice econometrics and connects behavioural models to economic evaluation of transport policies.

He teaches in the courses Environmental and Transport Economics (2nd year BA Economics and Business Administration), Regional and Urban Economics (2nd year BA Economics and Business Administration), Methods and Techniques for Economic Research (3d year BA Earth & Economics), Research Seminar II (Master Transport & Supply Chain Management), Applications in Economic Policy (University minor in Economics 3d year Economics BA) and supervises theses on the bachelor and master level.


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