Dr. P. Mulder

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school of business & economics ( ruimtelijke economie )
Assistant Professor

Brief résumé

Peter Mulder (1974) holds degrees in economics from VU University Amsterdam, The Netherlands. He joined the Department of Spatial Economics at VU University in 2007. 

In 2003, he obtained his Ph.D. from VU University Amsterdam with a dissertation on the economics of technology diffusion and energy efficiency, based on research carried out at the Institute for Environmental Studies (IVM) of VU University Amsterdam and the CPB Netherlands Bureau for Economic Policy Analysis. Subsequently, he has been an associate research scholar at the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA) in Laxenburg, Austria, and a post-doctoral researcher at the Department of Spatial Economics of VU University Amsterdam.

In 2005 he interrupted academic life to work for two years in Mozambique as a consultant/energy economist for the Danish International Development Agency (Danida), based at the Ministry of Planning & Development and the Ministry of Energy of the Government of Mozambique. During the 2011 spring semester he was visiting assistant professor at the Department of Agricultural Economics of Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana (USA).

He is chairman of the Educational Committee for the VU Earth&Economics program and he is a member of the Board of Examiners at University College Amsterdam.


Research activities

His current research interests lie mainly in the fields of energy economics and the spatial structure of economic development. He is especially interested in the relationship between energy use and urbanization in developing countries.


Educational activities

Teaching experience includes undergraduate courses in Microeconomics, Regional Economics, Urban Economics, Environmental Economics and International Economic Development.

Currently he teaches at VU University within the Bachelor programs Economics and Earth&Economics, as well as at Amsterdam University College:

* VU University Amsterdam: Urban Economics (BSc 3th year), Microeconomics (BSc 1st year), Regional Economics (BSc 2nd year)

* Amsterdam University College Amsterdam: The Sustainable City (BSc 2nd year)

Also, within the Earth&Economics program at VU University he is coordinating the minor Economics and the Bachelor thesis project.


Main Publications

Wan, J., K. Baylis and P. Mulder (2015), Trade-Facilitated Technology Spillovers in Energy Productivity Convergence Processes across EU Countries, Energy Economics 48, 253–264

Mulder, P. (2015), International Specialization, Structural Change and the Evolution of Manufacturing Energy Intensity in OECD Countries, The Energy Journal  36(3), pp. 111-136.

Mulder, P., H.L.F. de Groot and B. Pfeiffer (2014), Dynamics and determinants of energy intensity in the service sector: A cross-country analysis, 1980–2005, Ecological Economics 100, pp. 1-15.

Andadari, R.K., Mulder, P. and P. Rietveld (2014), Energy poverty reduction by fuel switching. Impact evaluation of the LPG conversion program in Indonesia, Energy Policy 66, pp. 436–449

Pfeiffer, B. and P. Mulder (2013), Explaining the Diffusion of Renewable Energy Technology in Developing Countries, Energy Economics 40, pp. 285–296

Bakens, J., P. Mulder and P. Nijkamp (2013), Economic impacts of cultural diversity in The Netherlands: productivity, utility and sorting, Journal of Regional Science 53, pp. 8-36.  

Mulder, P. and H.L.F. de Groot (2012), Structural change and convergence of energy intensity across OECD countries, 1970–2005, Energy Economics 34, pp. 1910–1921

Florax, R.J.G.M., H.L.F. de Groot and P. Mulder (2011). Improving Energy Efficiency through Technology: Trends, Investment Behaviour and Policy Design, Cheltenham: Edward Elgar.

Mulder, P. and Tembe, J. (2008), Rural electrification in an imperfect world: a case study from Mozambique. Energy Policy 36, pp. 2785–94.

Mulder, P., H.L.F. de Groot (2007), Sectoral Energy- and Labour Productivity Convergence, Environmental and Resource Economics 36, 85-112.

Miketa, A. and P. Mulder (2005), Energy-Productivity Across Developed and Developing Countries in 10 Manufacturing Sectors: Patterns of Growth and Convergence, Energy Economics 27, 429-453.

Mulder, P. (2005). The Economics of Technology Diffusion and Energy Efficiency. Cheltenham: Edward Elgar. (ISBN 1 84376 823 2).

De Groot, H.L.F., M.W. Hofkes and P. Mulder (2004), A Vintage Model of Technology Diffusion: The effects of learning-by-doing and returns to diversity, in: Brakman and Heijdra (eds), The Monopolistic Competition Revolution after Twenty-Five Years, pp.356-372. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

Mulder, P., H.L.F. de Groot and M.W. Hofkes (2003), Explaining Slow Diffusion of Energy-Saving Technologies. A vintage model with returns to diversity and learning-by-using, Resource and Energy Economics 25, 105-126.

More publications

More publications

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