The first graduates in part-time. Congratulations!

The first eight students in the part-time programme graduated on Monday 31 October 2011.

02-01-2012 | 14:28

graduation ceremony

The event was divided in a formal part, the official diploma ceremony chaired by Professor Ruud Frambach, and an informal meeting in the Basket at the Campus of the VU. The new masters were clearly flattered by the attention from their family, friends, and in some cases also their colleagues and managers.

The Faculty of Economics and Business Administration of the VU University Amsterdam is the first to offer a part-time programme Master of Science in Marketing. The development of the part-time MSc fits the marketing departments’ objective to strengthen their ties with business. After a successful start in 2009, the third consecutive year started in September 2011. According to programme manager Piet van Helsdingen, the strategic angle of this study appears to be attractive for the students. So far, participants of among others, Philips, Samsung, Heineken, ING, ABN AMRO, en Rabobank are represented in the program. However, also employees or entrepreneurs within consultancy and IT or - to mention a total different sector - the flower industry, are attracted to the practical focus and academic depth of the programme.

The part-time programme MSc Marketing is an academic master. As a consequence, the education programme has a strong academic focus with attention for recent academic insights and how they relate and can be translated to the business environment. Participants highly appreciate this focus, as well as the case-histories and interactive classes. The various backgrounds of the students who have all ample experience in the profit or non-profit sector are a fruitful basis to enhance the marketing challenges that are posed during the lectures or at work.

The master is suited for ambitious people. The subjects are similar to the full-time curriculum and include Marketing Strategy, Consumer Marketing, Business Marketing, Interactive Marketing, Advanced Marketing Research, the Managerial Integration Project, and specialized Seminars. The Master’s thesis project concludes the study. It materializes that most part time scholars have chosen thesis projects of which the results would also benefit their company. With the successful completion of this last phase, the marketing department congratulates this first cohort of graduates and looks forward to many more of these graduation ceremonies in the coming years!