The National Marketing Battle 2013!

The National Marketing Battle is organised every year by a local marketing association, for university students in the Netherlands who are interested in marketing.

23-04-2013 | 15:26

This year the Marketing Association Amsterdam (MAA) organised the National Marketing Battle in Amsterdam; it has been a great event!

One of our own MSc Master students, Anke Klumpers, was part of the winning team. Together with 124 students she was selected to start the journey with a company visit at Flora Holland in Aalsmeer on February 12. Here she met her teammates: Marlie Joosten (Tilburg), Rivelino Dijksteel (Rotterdam), Nick Verboom (Amsterdam) and Robbert Warners (Groningen). After an inspiring tour, they worked on a marketing case about the ‘Hedera’ (ivy) and they became The Hedera’s, not yet knowing how successful they would become…

The final days took place on the 5th and 6th of March in Hotel Park Plaza in Amsterdam. Unfortunately the Hedera’s did not win the company visit marketing cases, so they participated in the ‘chance on revenge’-round, were they were successful after all! Two more rounds followed before ending up in the final round, presenting the final case for all participating students, companies, and other attendees.

In the end The Herbera’s did not win one, but two prizes! With 46,1% of the SMS votes, The Herbera’s won the audience award! The reward was a one-year membership at knowledge-network ‘De Keuken’, offered by Leading Talent. Moreover, they won the jury-award and took home the coveted title ‘Biggest Marketing Talent 2013’ and received an amount of €2.000,-!

The National Marketing Battle: a fantastic event with a great ending for ‘The Hedera’s’! For each student in the final phase of his/her studies and with affinity for marketing; an absolute must to participate!
Please have a look at the aftermovie.