Hans Koster and Piet Rietveld (Spatial Economics) nominated for VU Societal Impact Awards

Hans Koster is nominated for the Junior Societal Impact Award and Piet Rietveld for the Senior Societal Impact Award 2013.

30-09-2013 | 10:10

Koster, HansRietveld, PietHans Koster did research on the location choices of firms and households within cities, which has important implications for urban planning policies.

Piet Rietveld's work is on a range of transport themes (safety, road congestion, unreliability of transport systems, cycling) with direct relevance for transport policies.

Societal Impact Awards
The Societal Impact Awards spotlight research being carried out at VU University Amsterdam that has an impact on society. The Junior Societal Impact Award is for a PhD candidate who has completed a PhD dissertation at VU University Amsterdam within the last year which could have a potentially significant impact on society. The Senior Societal Impact Award is presented to a researcher at VU University Amsterdam who has had a longer career and spent several years working on research with a significant societal impact. The awards are presented by the Rector at the annual Dies Natalis celebration on October 21, 2013.