Arianne van der Wal in “Tijdschrift van Marketing”

In the Center for Marketing Leadership (C4ML), a joint initiative by the VU and VODW, theory and practice meet to develop both academically as well as managerially relevant knowledge. Bron: Tijdschrift voor Marketing, april 2014

30-04-2014 | 12:00

In the article “Brains and Business” (in Dutch), TvM highlights this cooperation and the merits of initiating such joint research initiatives. Special attention is devoted to Arianne van der Wal, one of the PhD students of C4ML. In her work on sustainability, she actively works with her academic co-promotors Femke van Horen and Amir Greinstein. However, due to the cooperation with VODW, she also, at the same time, actively works with Isolde Schram (associated with VODW and founder of HopStep&Leap Company) and Maton Sonnemans (partner VODW). Want to know more? Download the article here.