New Research Lab

In May this year the Marketing Department opened a new laboratory to conduct experimental studies. A lab was essential for the Consumer Behavior members of our department to be able to run controlled studies, such that causal relations can be observed.

01-07-2014 | 11:44

During the last three months, SBE students were invited to participate in several studies investigating individuals' thinking styles, consumer preferences, and personal beliefs. In addition to faculty members and PhD students, Master Thesis students were for the first time able to use the lab to test their hypotheses and to personally experience what it is like to be an experimenter. As such, the lab creates interest in research under students and makes them more aware of the type of research we conduct at the department. In addition, it was perceived as fun, enjoyable, and interesting to be an experimenter!

Currently, the faculty is expending the Research Lab, including facilities, support by a Lab coordinator, and a subject pool to create more research opportunities on a faculty wide level.