Amir Grinstein’s paper accepted for publication in JIBS

A paper of Amir Grinstein has been accepted for publication in the Journal of International Business Studies. The paper is co-authored with Petra Riefler and titled “Citizens of the (Green) World? Cosmopolitan Orientation and Sustainability”.

14-09-2015 | 14:30

The article bridges two recent trends - contemporary consumer markets are characterized by both a heightened need for sustainability and an increasingly cosmopolitan lifestyle - and studies two untapped questions: (1) How do cosmopolitan consumers relate to sustainable behavior? and (2) How should environmental messages be framed to successfully target cosmopolitan consumers? Four studies in three countries show that high-cosmopolitan consumers demonstrate environmental concern and engage in sustainable behavior. To successfully target this promising segment with sustainable products or messages to promote sustainable behavior, marketers and public policymakers should highlight the benefit of these products/behaviors for the global (rather than the local) environment. However, the findings also show that high-cosmopolitan consumers can be successfully targeted to support local environmental initiatives when activating their local identification.