Aureus Election debate 'Under 30' on local television channel AT5

On February 22nd, faculty association Aureus was on local television channel AT5 with their Election Debate ‘Under 30’.

03-03-2017 | 9:00

Aureus AT5During the Dutch national elections of 2012, thirty percent of young voters (18-25 yrs) did not vote. To change that for the upcoming national elections in March, student association Aureus joined forces with VALDA, part of broadcast company RTL, to host an election debate with young representatives of large Dutch political parties.

The election debate was hosted four weeks in advance of the Dutch elections and candidates of VVD, PvdA, D66, CDA, GroenLinks and SP took part in the debate, with the youngest representative being 25 years old and the oldest 31. The debate addressed topics relevant for students and included the Dutch student loan system (also known as ‘Stufi’), education, mandatory social or military draft, and sustainability.

The speakers of the parties, Aureus and VALDA were all thrilled to see that almost 150 students showed up and took part in the debate by asking critical questions and giving remarks.

Aureus debate on AT5 (Dutch)