6 professors appointed at FEWEB

The Faculty Board is proud to announce the appointment of six professors: Manon Ruijters, Wilko Bolt, Frank Verbeeten, Martijn van den Assem, Victor Gilsing and Abbas Shahim.

17-01-2017 | 16:36

With this appointment, FEWEB has significantly strengthened its position. Three of the six professors already work at FEWEB, three professors come from Utrecht University, DNB and University of Antwerp.

Manon Ruijters, Professor of Learning, Development and Behavioral Change (as of January 1, 2017)
Fascinated by the diversity of natural learning in contrast to the uniformity of learning and development as organised in organisations, Manon Ruijters wrote her PhD (Utrecht University, 2006) on the diversity of learning in organisations and the 'language of learning’. She works as an Academic Partner at Twynstra Gudde and is a leading researcher at Aeres University of Applied Science Wageningen.
Her practice already reflects her interest in bridging theory and practice, and in balancing wellbeing and wisdom with effectiveness and efficiency in individual, team and organisational learning and development. She is (co)author on various books and articles on organisational learning, professional identity, ecology of learning, learning academies and leadership.
Together with Steven ten Have and Wouter ten Have, Manon is a member of the Change Management postgraduate programme team and plays a leading role in the parttime master's programme Change Management.

Manon Ruijters
Wilko Bolt, Professor of Payment Systems (as of January 1, 2017)
As teacher and researcher, Wilko Bolt’s focus is on the economics of payment systems. He is also interested in new innovations and technologies in payments systems. Wilko Bolt is Senior Economist at the research department of De Nederlandsche Bank in Amsterdam.
As a researcher, he worked at ECB in Frankfurt and the Federal Reserve Bank in New York. In 1997, he received a PhD in Economics at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. He is (co)author of various publications on a wide variety of topics related to game theory, bank behaviour and payment economics.

Bolt, Wilko

Frank Verbeeten, Professor of Management Control (as of November 1, 2016)

Frank Verbeeten holds a PhD from Tilburg University and an MBA from the University of South Carolina. He has taught courses at bachelor, master and post-master level, and was  programme director of various programmes at several universities. His research focuses on measuring, managing and reporting intangible assets, as well as on management control practices in intangible-intensive firms and public sector organizations. In addition, he focuses on the design of the finance function in several organisations.
Frank's publications have appeared in several accounting and management journals, among which Management Accounting Research; International Journal of Research in Marketing; and Organization Studies. Frank is currently a member of the editorial board of Management Control & Accounting (journal of the VRC and the NBA-Accountants in Business) and the Journal of Management Control.

Victor Gilsing, Professor of Corporate Entrepreneurship (as of November 1, 2016)
Victor Gilsing has an excellent publication record with articles in top journals such as Journal of Management, Research Policy, Technovation, and Journal of Product and Innovation Management. In addition, he has much experience in teaching executive education at TIAS.
This appointment is essential as it fits the faculty’s strategy to expand in the executive teaching market and seek synergy between research (and regular bachelor's and master's teaching) and executive education.

Gilsing, Victor
Martijn van den Assem, Professor of Finance (as of October 1, 2016)
The research interests of Martijn van den Assem cover themes from both financial and behavioural economics. He holds a PhD from Erasmus University Rotterdam (2008). He is affiliated with the Tinbergen Institute as a Research Fellow, and he is Associate Editor of the Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization (JEBO).
In 2016, NWO awarded Martijn prestigious €800k Vidi research grant.

Martijn van den Assem
Abbas Shahim, Professor of IT Auditing, IT Governance, Risk & Compliance (as of October 10, 2016)
Abbas Shahim studied Computer and Information Science, obtained his master's degree in Logistics & Informatics, and received a PhD in IT Auditing. He started his career as system programmer at Heineken and worked as software engineer at BSO.
In 1996, he was employed by KPMG as IT auditor. He joined Atos Consulting & Technology Services in 2008, where he currently works as senior partner.

Shahim, Abbas

Other appointments in the last four months (already announced)