Bert Breij successfully defended his PhD thesis

On August 28, Bert Breij successfully defended his doctoral dissertation, titled “Quitting work at an earlier stage to remain healthy and active; why older lower and secondary skilled technicians with good job prospects opt for voluntary early retirement”.

28-09-2017 | 17:01

Bert Breij started his PhD research in January 2014 as a participant in ABRI’s part-time PhD programme, and completed his dissertation within 3,5 years, under supervision of Prof. dr. Paul Jansen and Dr. Ruud Vreeman.

Bert Breij's PhD research shows that older lower and secondary skilled technicians opt for voluntary early retirement because they feel threatened by their current working conditions, which they consider as a threat to their health. This group of elderly people is healthy, love to work, and is employable.

Personal freedom is more important than money
It looks like that especially the healthy older workers stops working earlier. They prefer personal freedom over more money. They feel that it has been enough and they want to steer their lives in a different direction. They take advantage of the possibility of early retirement.

Binding with the employer decreases
Their sense of commitment with the employer has decreased in the past five years before their departure. They feel a business-like but no warm involvement of their employer and consider a unreliable government. They feel that they have been working for so long. They do not want to make mistakes in their choice, because they want to enjoy their retirement in good health.  However, they still enjoy working, they mention the love for their trade and the presence of colleagues.

Influence of the partner
The partner has the greatest influence on making the decision. The craftsmen find themselves optimistic people. The research clearly shows that psychological factors dominate. The results of the dissertation of Breij therefore give every reason to investigate at a nationwide level how many people are involved.

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