First international conference on Calling was a great success

On October 13 & 14, VU Center for Meaningful Work, with support of ABRI and the Department of Management & Organisation, hosted the First International Conference on Calling at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.

19-10-2017 | 11:20

The conference was associated with the Special Issue at the Journal of Vocational Behavior on the topic “Calling and Careers: New Insights and Future Directions” that is edited by Dr. Evgenia Lysova (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam), Prof. dr. Bryan Dik (Colorado State University), Prof. dr. Ryan Duffy (University of Florida), Prof. dr. Svetlana Khapova (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam), and Prof. dr. Michael Arthur (Suffolk University). The two-day conference was attended by scholars from 8 different countries, including the US, UK, Brazil, India and various European countries, representing diverse disciplines and passionate about the topic to engage in be engaged into interdisciplinary conversation, be inspired and shared knowledge on the topic. If you are interested to learn more about the special issue, please visit the website.