Opening Amsterdam Centre for World Food Studies (ACWFS)

What is the impact of climate change on water availability in the already water-scarce region of the Middle East and how can further water-related conflicts be prevented? Do poor avocado farmers benefit when they no longer sell into the traditional and local value chains but opt for modern and international value chains? How can human agency be integrated in global-scale land change models to improve the design of earth system governance and protect biodiversity?

09-10-2017 | 14:17

The new Amsterdam Centre for World Food Studies (ACWFS) conducts interdisciplinary research in collaboration with societal stakeholders and end-users in order to enhance food and nutrition security by identifying policies and strategies that are economically, socially and environmentally sustainable, and increase the quality of life. The Opening Symposium, to mark the start of the ACWFS, will take place on Thursday 12 October at 1 pm at Vrije Universiteit  Amsterdam, de Boelelaan 1105, Amsterdam.

Amsterdam Centre for World Food Studies (ACWFS)
The new centre is an interdisciplinary institute that brings together people and groups from various institutes and two Faculties of VU Amsterdam, the School of Business and Economics (SBE) and the Faculty of Science (FoS). The Centre’s ambition is to foster interdisciplinary cooperation in research, education and outreach. To achieve this, the Centre is active in acquisition of externally funded research projects, in developing interdisciplinary education; in promoting communication between researchers at the VU by organizing seminars, workshops and conferences; and in representing the VU in national and international food and nutrition security fora.

The progamme
The symposium will bring together a broad audience from academics, policy making, civil society, ACWFS partner organizations, and other interested parties.

13:00 Opening remarks, Remco Oostendorp
13:15 Keynote by Gerda Verburg, Coordinator of the Scaling Up Nutrition (SUN) Movement and Assistant Secretary-General of the United Nations 
14:00 Keynote by Professor Tim Lang, Professor of Food Policy, Centre for Food Policy, City University of London and the first ‘Food Professor’ of the UK will speak on the topic 
14:45 Official opening of the ACWFS by Prof. dr. Vinod Subramaniam, the Rector Magnificus of Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, with Paul van de Logt, Head Food and Nutrition Security of Inclusive Green Growth Department, Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
15:30 Prof. dr. Huanguang Qiu of Renmin University about the 21st century food and nutrition security challenges from a Chinese perspective
16:15 Presentation of the ACWFS mission and research foci and a panel session by Remco Oostendorp, director ACWFS

You can consult the Centre’s website for additional information on research programs/projects, educational activities and current research associates.