SBE celebrated new name with seminar ‘Building a Bright Future’

On Tuesday 21 November the School of Business and Economics celebrated the name change with the seminar ‘Building a Bright Future’.

21-11-2017 | 17:00

Willem Verschoor, Dean of the School of Business and Economics, opened the seminar with a welcome speech, followed by an opening speech of Vinod Subramaniam, our Rector Magnificus.

The seminar included several prominent speakers who presented future developments in the field of digital innovation.

Jeroen Tas

Jeroen Tas
, alumnus of the School and Chief Innovation & Strategy Officer at Philips spoke about digital innovation in health and pointed out why the digital revolution starts with ourselves. 

Amanda Porter

Following the first session, the stage went to Amanda Porter, Assistant Professor at the Knowledge, Information and Innovation (KIN) group of SBE. She spoke about how we can tackle grand challenges through crowdsourcing.

Eric Bartelsman

During the third and final session, Eric Bartelsman, Professor of Economics at the School and director of Tinbergen Institute presented the main policy challenges for a bright future, for example: how to stimulate the production of new ideas and new technology, how to encourage the economy to invest in welfare enhancing technology and how to allay societal fears about jobs, income and future.

Panel discussion

Panel discussion
The seminar ended with a panel discussion between speakers and students, led by Roland Iwan Luttens, Assistant Professor at the School of Business and Economics.