Website Digital Society Goes Live

The VSNU – the Dutch Collective of Collaborating Universities – developed the Digital Society Research Agenda. The agenda outlines several programmes that will guide academic research into the implications of the digitalisation of our society.

14-05-2018 | 12:00

The ambition of the VSNU is bold as the collective of universities states that “In ten years time, the Netherlands will have become a leader in the field of digitisation in society.”

Digitalisation is affecting virtually any aspect of modern life. How we vote and build momentum for referenda, how we store and protect our personal information, how we measure our health and quality of life, and how we work and collaborate within and across public and private organisations. This movement towards the digital era has been going on for at least the past ten years, and will continue to disrupt our society for decades to come.

KIN Center for Digital Innovation is well aware of the shift towards a Digital Society, and conducts cutting-edge research in order to address these changes to broaden our understanding of how digitalisation affects individuals and society, and also to help navigate future developments to benefit society as a whole. As the head of KIN, professor Marleen Huysman is on the forefront of this research stream, as is the VSNU.

On Tuesday 15 May 10:00h, the VSNU will launch the standalone Digital Society website on Make sure to check out their website in order to gain a deeper understanding of the Digital Society, how it affects individuals and society and how the Netherlands can become a leader in the field!