Two Vidi grants bestowed upon SBE researchers!

Titus Galama has been awarded a Vidi grant for his research entitled ‘What explains socioeconomic inequality in health?' and Neil Olver has been awarded the grant for his research entitled ‘Usable algorithms for network optimization’.

04-06-2018 | 17:00

What explains socioeconomic inequality in health?
Research suggests that 85% of early deaths are due to behaviour, genetic predispositions, and socioeconomic circumstances. Galama’s project focuses on these alleged three largest contributors, utilizing recent discoveries in genetics, which now make possible the identification of modifiable aspects of environments that protect against genetic risk for unhealthy behaviours.

Titus Galama will conduct his Vidi research at the Department of Economics and will start on 1 November 2018. Currently, he is a senior economist at the University of Southern California and a Visiting Professor at Erasmus University Rotterdam.

Usable algorithms for network optimization
Networks of many kinds—such as communication, traffic, and social networks—have been growing in size and importance. The same mathematical problems about efficiently designing and utilizing networks occur in many different contexts. This project will uncover new algorithms for these problems that are faster, more accurate and more revealing.

Neil Olver is assistant professor at the department of Econometrics and OR at SBE.

NWO has awarded 86 experienced researchers in the Netherlands Vidi grants worth €800.000. The grant enables them to develop their own innovative line of research and set up their own research group.