Mirella Kleijnen appointed as Professor of Customer Experience Management

Mirella Kleijnen has been appointed as Professor of Customer Experience Management at the Vrije Universiteit, School of Business and Economics, effective March 1, 2018.

01-02-2018 | 14:03

Mirella KleijnenMirella Kleijnen will work in the field of Customer Experience Management. In doing so, she bridges two important streams in marketing, being consumer behavior and marketing strategy. She is particularly interested in how consumers transition through various stages in the customer journey and the role of innovations that alter that overall experience. More specifically, she examines the infusion of technology (e.g., mobile, Internet of Things, Self-service technology) in the customer journey and how firms can strategically use new technological developments in optimizing customer experiences.

While her work is relevant to many industries, in recent years she has taken a special interest in the healthcare sector. In moving forward, she will continue to combine these interests with the aim to create insights in customer journeys in general, but with a special interest in patient journeys. As such, her research is aimed at advancing knowledge for a broad range of stakeholders, including business, but also for example healthcare providers and policy makers.