TKI Dinalog funding secured for sensing logistics project

VU-researchers Wout Dullaert, Said Dabia, Denise Tönissen and Joaquim Gromicho have secured funding for a project on the use of sensors in logistics from the Dutch Institute for Advanced Logistics (TKI Dinalog).

07-03-2018 | 11:14

The VU Logistics Research Group and the VU OR Research Group will collaborate together with leading industry partners Itude Mobile and ORTEC in a project entitled: Sensing Logistics. The total project size is € 600.000 and 2 postdoc positions will become available for the coming 2 years. 

Innovative sensors enable capturing large amounts of data about freight flows and are more and more applied in practice. To reap the benefits of sensory data, the project will particularly focus on three topics: to develop models and decision support tools for sensor placement and sensor repositioning strategies, generate predictive models for logistics operations; to improve logistics performance; and finally to develop suitable offline and online algorithms to reschedule/re-route logistics operations.

TKI Dinalog
Dinalog was founded in 2009 to maintain a leading position in logistics and supply chain management in the Netherland. TKI (Top consortium Knowledge and Innovation) is the cooperation within which Dinalog, TNO and NWO act jointly to boost innovation in logistics.

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