Organization Studies Call for Papers on Connectivity

Much has happened in the world of connectivity over the last 10 years. While topics such as mobile communication, virtual work, perception of proximity, work-life balance and hyper-connectivity have received notable attention in recent years, there are few theoretical developments made in this field of inquiry.

21-03-2018 | 12:00

The Journal of Organizational Studies has therefore organized a Call for Papers in order to publish a Special Issue, that fuels the theoretical and practical understanding of the connective context in and around organizations. The aim of this Special Issue is to advance the understanding on how connectivity affects organizational life, to stimulate debate on connectivity and to offer fresh, empirically-based insights into the practice of connecting with others through technology.

Professor Marleen Huysman as Guest Editor
Together with Darl Kolb, Kristine Dery and Anca Metiu, Marleen Huysman will appear as a guest editor for this Special Issue. Scholars are asked to submit their conceptual, theoretical and/or empirical papers through the journal’s online submission system SAGE, between September 15th and 30th 2018.

See more information in the Call for Papers