Prof. Melissa Cardon (Haslam College of Business at U. Tennessee) visits M&O

In the week of October 1, Melissa Cardon, Nestlé Professor of Business Administration at University of Tennessee,visited the Department of Management & Organization for a 4-day research visit.

09-10-2018 | 13:38

As part of this visit, she organized a ‘Meet the Editor’ session on October 1, for an audience of researchers from Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, the University of Amsterdam, the University of Tilburg and other institutions. During this session, Prof. Cardon discussed key insights in publishing articles, based on her extensive experience as an author, reviewer and editor, by discussing the three most common reasons why articles get rejected.

Melissa Cardon has considerable publishing track record, which includes recent publications in the Academy of Management Review, Journal of Management and Journal of Management Studies. She currently serves as a Field Editor for the Journal of Business Venturing and Editorial Board member of Entrepreneurship: Theory and Practice, Journal of Management Studies, and Human Resource Management Review. She is also a long-time volunteer for the American Cancer Society with their Relay for Life program. Her most recent work is on entrepreneurial passion and how entrepreneurs as individuals and within teams can unleash their passion to get the best results for themselves and their organizations.

During her research visit, prof. Cardon also spent much time reviewing individual researchers’ work and providing valuable feedback. Finally, on Thursday, October 4 she presented an innovative experiment about crowdfunding, whether male/female funders receive more money from male/female funders if they happen to be attractive, based on expectancy violation theory.