Sherazade Thesis Award 2018 for SERVUS colleague Britt Bakker

The Sherazade Thesis Award is a prize for the best Bachelor or Master thesis in the field of intercultulturalization, diversity and the multicultural society. Britt Bakker received this prize 26 September 2018 at Utrecht University for her VU Master thesis ‘One Bed Two Beliefs’ – Societal Influences in Everyday life of Muslim-(post)Christian couples in the Netherlands (2018, see enclosed).

17-10-2018 | 11:45

She wrote her MA thesis in Theology and Religious Studies, within the VU specific Peace Trauma and Religion track. After her VU graduation, she was offered a Scholarship for Professional Doctorate in Interfaith Studies, and currently undertakes follow-up doctorate research at the University of Wales Trinity Saint David in the UK. Britt has been working with SERVUS for the last 2,5 years. She is a regular speaker at SERVUS events.

“My SERVUS work made me more aware of the need to study lived religion of interfaith couples. As microcosms of society, these interfaith couples deserve more scholarly attention. Couples who live ‘the interfaith life’ every day, can give us more insights in how to deal with today’s societal challenges of interfaith and intercultural co-existence. The academic experience of doing my current Doctorate research is a next stepping stone in continuing my SERVUS work, a research centre where cross-cultural dilemma reconciliation by Fons Trompenaars is key. SERVUS therefore is a fruitful interfaith and intercultural hub in a very practical sense!”  (Britt Bakker)

Master thesis ‘One Bed Two Beliefs’